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  • Almost there... :D *starts rubbing her hands*
    Mecha-Drago: *drinks the soda in a single go*
    Bach: Squeako... (Wow, you were really thirsty...)
    Mecha-Drago: Growl. (Yes, I guess I was.)


    Amanda: ...I'm not sure. They seem to be talking about a... *narrows her eyes* "problem".

    Comet Sword: I am... slowly but surely...

    Sammy: Then let's go! *grabs Hazel's hand, before rushing toward the exit* We gotta break the door! Are you ready?

    Freddy: Umm... *withdraws the guitar* Oh, indeed! We need to get to the generator. *restarts walking*
    "Linda": Aww... I was having so much fun. *follows Freddy*
    Walter: Maybe we lure them toward the arcade, so that we can get more time...

    Aika: ... *sighs, before slowly lying down the forks and knives* I guess... I'm just a bit stressed. *makes a doll appear, before starting stroking it* I'm not used to the responsibilities. I've lived alone for most of my life, and... the dolls were my only company... I'm used to take care only for myself and my dolls, and not to control a whole world.
    Kirby: Poyo! *whacks Wheatley* Poyo! *whacks again* POYO! *whacks one last time, before feeling out of energy*
    That means he can be the president twice!

    *Reading the book "Reasonable excuses"*
    Hold on, it's on the tip of my tongue...

    I'm not, I said I hate those dreams.
    Whenever it's not sleep paralysis with a shadow roaming around the room, it's a trip around the land of bad emotions with an insane character as your tour guide.
    If I kept notes of all nightmares from when I was sick I'd be able to publish a book of crazy quotes or something.
    I could use them for RPs at least, but come on, I never play as a psycho character...
    Ah, great! I can't wait to eat some sweets! ^^
    Mecha-Drago: Rowr! (It's okay!)
    Bach: Squih... (Hmm...)


    Amanda: Er... I can try. *looks at the people in the reflection* I think they've said something about Kirby.

    Comet Sword: Yes... hmm... feels a bit... tingly... but nothing... too strange...

    Sammy: Oh, yeah! *runs toward the Shrooboid Brat, preparing a punch* Taste my uppercut, you monster! *uppercuts the Shroob*

    "Linda": It's amazing~! ...However, it's already slowing down...
    Freddy: *keeps playing the guitar, while slowing down as well*
    Walter: Hmm... let me think. *looks at the various cameras* ...Wait. Did you know that there is an abandoned arcade in the pizzeria?

    Aika: *groans, before stamping angrily her feet on the ground and showing glowing red eyes* Oh, you and your low-end suspicions! I'm sooo sorry if I don't like to hear people burping or releasing disgusting gases from the freacking bottom! *glares fiercely at Porky, while little clouds of steam form around her head*
    *Some knives and forks start levitating idly in the air, as if responding to Aika's rage.*
    Kirby: YAAH! D: *keeps whacking Wheatley, tying to free himself*
    We 're almost past half the final day of Worlds and no sign of a special announcement in the closing... it seems we won't get Pokémon Z/XZYZ announcement today.
    He can't count to three anyway, good thing for him is, you can't run for president a third time either...

    For reasonable reasons :)

    Just because...

    Well I woke in the middle of the night randomly, and can say that you get weirder dreams when you're feeling not okay.
    I hate this...
    Okay. How many sweets are left?
    Mecha-Drago: Roohr! ^^ (Thanks!) *starts eating his chips*


    Amanda: No idea... maybe we could try to read their lips?

    Comet Sword: Very well... try that...

    Sammy: Um... I think we need to find its weak spot. *collects some broken lollipops and starts throwing them at the Shrooboid Brat*

    "Linda": *starts dancing* This is amazing~!
    Freddy: Oh, yes! *starts playing his guitar*
    Walter: Yes, but who knows how long the music will last...

    Aika: Of course not! *starts flushing* I simply didn't want to hear him... you know...
    Kirby: *shows a shocked expression* Yagh! *throws his hammer
    We do, we do!
    Bach: Squeako? (Do you need some help?)
    Mecha-Drago: ...Rowr. (...Yes, please.)


    Amanda: But wait! We must first know where exactly she is. Can't you use something like a crystal ball or a vision to see her?

    Comet Sword: Do you know some... healing spell?

    Sammy: Well, they're broken, because somebody hurt me until they broke...

    Walter: Okay! *activates a loud horn, which sounds a melodic music*
    "Linda": ...What's that? It's so... entrancing...
    Freddy: Yes... such pretty music...

    Aika: *hisses while whispering* And did you really have to do that?! It's really gross! >_>
    Kirby: Yay! *claps a couple of times, before pulling the finger*
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