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  • Pretty much what he said. -_-
    Mecha-Drago: Roowl... >_> (My arms are too short...)


    Amanda: Trace her footsteps? *looks at the floor* That doesn't help much, since they vanish completely after a while...

    Comet Sword: Somewhat drained... but it's not a big deal...

    Sammy: Hey, it's not that easy, when you have wheels! I tried, okay? *looks at the Shrooboid* Uh oh! Get ready, Hazel!

    Walter: ...It seems that Phone Guy didn't tell you all the information. If the light goes out, the doors automatically open. It's a security measure that allows people to exit in cases of blackouts. A good trick, even if it isn't as good for us...
    Freddy: Eh eh eh... we're very close now!
    Walter: We need to distract them in some way. Maybe I can activate some megaphone or something to attract them somewhere else?

    Aika: ...Fine, but be quick! *shoots a quick glare at Wheatley, before storming into the kitchen* I'd better not comment...
    Kirby: ... *starts laughing out loud*
    *The wall turns out to be made out of styrofoam*


    I don't know.

    Well looking for those sprites was harder than expected...
    Luckily the clerk is almost done filling the bag. ^^
    Bach: Squeako! :3 (Thanks!) *hands a bag of chips and a soda to the Mecha-Drago* Squih! (Here you are!)
    Mecha-Drago: Rowr... (Oh, thanks...) *looks at the bag and soda in his paws, wondering how he can eat and drink*


    Amanda: She wrote simply 'I'll be away for a while. Brb!'. Hmm... I wonder where she went.

    Comet Sword: You too... are a good... sparring partner...

    Sammy: Uh oh... *tries to stop, but gained too much momentum* Yeow! *slams against Hazel* Ow...

    "Linda": Oh, I definitely can't wait to see his face~!
    Freddy: Then we'd better hurry. The generator is nearby.
    Walter: ...Er, it seems that they're heading toward the generator. We must stop them, or we may have serious problems.

    Aika: Hm? Why do you need me?
    Kirby: Um... *pokes Wheatley's finger*
    Then you'd better take a nap.
    Mecha-Drago: Growr... (Interesting...)
    Bach: *returns with the other Chimeras* Squeak! :D (I've brought sodas and chips!)


    Amanda: Lemme check... *looks around the place, until she finds a piece of paper* Oh? *grabs the paper* Hey, there is a note here!

    Comet Sword: Yes... I think we can stop now...

    Sammy: Sure! *rushes toward the Shrooboid* Charge again!

    Freddy: Follow me, then. *walks toward the generator*
    "Linda": Hooray! *follows Freddy*
    Walter: Okay. *looks at the cams* Hm? The animatronics have started moving.

    Kirby: Hm?
    Aika: Don't do that, Kirby...
    Kirby: Uh? *shows a confused stare*
    Aika: If it is what I think it is... don't!
    *Puts you in a catapult*


    Yet you insist that Ruby wasn't a dream.
    It failed badly last time though...

    I don't know, just I don't know any other good expresion of sorrow and regret.
    Nevermind, I won't bother you with that.
    So why should I do a similar joke? *drinks more water* Man, I'm thirsty...
    Mecha-Drago: Growr ror. (He really seems a funny bat.)
    Bach: *grabs a few sodas and potato chips*


    Amanda: I know that, but I should warn my parents first. They must know what's going on and... *looks around* Hey, where's Aika?

    Comet Sword: ...Rain of Light... *makes various beams of light fall from the sky*

    Sammy: *looks at Hazel with a baffled expression* Wow... I'd better be careful to not make you angry. ^^;

    Freddy: Then let's go find it!
    "Linda": Oh, I can't wait~!
    Walter: Of course not. I want to rescue her.

    Aika: Gross...
    Kirby: Uh? *burps as well, before giggling*
    Aika: Don't imitate him! He's a bad example!
    Kirby: Aww... *appears mortified*
    Nah, I'm not going there...

    Uh, I lost track of it...

    He's silent because racist Latii, or that's just how it rolled out, for reasons, and that's why he tried to commit suicide out of depression(Man this thing is pretty dark)
    I know what hub stands for crying out loud, and that's why I said you're just remaking the guild, because what's the PMD2 hub?
    Treasure town The guild!
    Paintings, wha...
    No haunted mansions/hotels/whatever, it was horrible the last time we did that type of thing.
    That is apparently stolen according to you.

    I feel bad, no Lanturn level of depression but still, wish there were abandon lonliness sprites that are easy to find.
    Only if I knew how to drive...

    Sure you are
    Large biomes, and mesa is adjacent to mesa plateau and some other mesa variants.
    "You wanna talk Mesa man, this seed can tell you anything"
    Horrible reference wannabe is horrible.

    Either I do the list anytime soon or not depends on if Shuffle has mercy on me, or gets me past my mental breaking point.
    I'll probably fall into tears or something...

    So we keep on the magic of ".......?"
    You're just going to make a guild replacement...
    Breakfast is tottally going to help with the story /endsarcasm
    The thing the sapphires were meant for.
    Remember Sableye?
    That would be a "dirty" joke. Eh eh eh... :p *starts drinking some water*
    Mecha-Drago: Rowr growr. (Well, if he's done that way, he's done that way.)


    Amanda: ... *slowly wakes up, yawning* Urgh... that wasn't exactly the way in which I wanted to wake up, but whatever. *starts shaking Lord Saven* Hey, buddy! Wake up!

    Comet Sword: Uh? *stops in mid-air, before creating four swords and shooting them*

    Sammy: You want your lollipop? ...Okay! *releases the lollipop, making it bounce on the Shrooboid Brat*

    Freddy: We have to try to sneak toward the generator. If they have no electricity, they have no defenses.
    "Linda": And they would be ours! Eh eh eh!
    Walter: Easy in theory, hard in practice... but we can do that.

    Aika: So? You need electricity to move. Does that make you stupid? *walks toward the cake, before grabbing a slice*
    Kirby: Yay! *grabs a big slice and swallows it whole* Poyo! ^^
    *Reads the label*
    "Scolipede poison"
    Uhh, you need medical attention...

    Make the love and hugs update official already!

    I won't move out, the common biomes are boring.
    I did get the achievement(At last, I stopped misspelling that word) "Cow Tipper" by catching some leather with a fishing rod.
    I'm on Large Biomes, tunneling to a different biome is such a great idea...

    We can forget about her, but what about Lanturn talking?
    What else should be fixed, Sly's Eevee village never got any decent airtime, the Seaking Crown could become a plot point...
    Night promised everyone presents too...
    We should put up a quick recap of all imortant stuff, and strike out what wasn't too good.
    Sadly, I don't see a new generation coming in 2016, unless the rumors about a potential gen 6.5 come true and Z contains all new Pokémon as well new Megas.
    There's still the possibility they also announce something in the closing ceremony, but it's unconfirmed atm. Not really excited about Pokken, I don't own a Wii U and don't plan to get one now, too late thanks to NX :(
    Why would I give you something filled with gunk? XP
    Mecha-Drago: Rowr? (Quickly annoyed, uh?)


    Amanda: Agh! *shields herself with her arms, before... she vanishes completely*

    Comet Sword: *keeps charging, while glowing with a white light*

    Sammy: Umpf! *grabs a lollipop, before starting whacking the other ones*

    Freddy: So get ready to grab them. Use all available means to catch them!
    "Linda": Oh, will do~!
    Walter: ...It seems they're planning something...

    Aika: Okay, but first... cake for me~!
    Kirby: *grabs the cake, before carrying it toward the other room*
    Lol, that was a vial of poison...

    Why Super Hostile was just an April Fools joke?

    Well yes, mesa has no life in it afterall...
    It means I can't make books.

    Because Dark Ruby was a bad idea, but because of that, Lanturn had to talk, so I don't see an easy way out of this mess.
    Oh yeah, just like me...
    Some things were a bad idea, but not all can be easily fixed you know...
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