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  • Shigeru Ohmori (ORAS Director) has tweeted that he will be present too at Worlds 2015 in Boston.

    Yep, something really big is coming, no denying it now.
    Eh... I may be luckier next time. XP *brings your water* Anyway, here you are. ^^
    Bach: Squeako. (I'll see if I can get something.) *flies toward a vending machine*
    Mecha-Drago: *looks at Bach* Rour... roorh? (That bad... how is he?)


    Amanda: *shows a shocked expression* What the...?! *vanishes more, making her self outside start wiggling in her sleep*

    Comet Sword: As you wish... *keeps going forward, using Illusio to speed up*

    Sammy: Yah! *starts punching multiple times, knocking away the lollipops*

    "Linda": Oh, Freddy~? It's time to go!
    Freddy: ... *looks at the others, showing a big grin* Come on, friends! Let's go meet the others.
    Walter: ...And you're right. It seems that the others are going to be active as well. You'd better be ready to close the doors.

    Aika: I don't know what a Star Warrior is, but sounds cool.
    Kirby: ... *grins happily* Yah! *extracts the cake the oven, before starting moving a paper fan to cool it down*
    Yeah... kinda good, I guess.
    Mecha-Drago: *grins happily* Rowl! (Thanks!)


    Amanda: Leave... me... alone! *shoots a thunderbolt at the Dark Knight, while her body keeps vanishing, making her true self groan in her sleep*

    Comet Sword: We'll see... about that... *starts drilling into the attacks, aiming at the staff*

    Sammy: Ouch! Hey! *punches the Shrooboid back, ending up detached from the lollipop*

    "Linda": Okay, I'll go get them~! *runs toward the others' stands*
    Walter: Me too. Anyway, Linda seems to be going somewhere...

    Aika: Let's wait for a little longer. I want to taste one of Kirby's cakes.
    Kirby: Ah! *starts playing with his cook hat*
    Aika: ...Are we sure that he's a hero? He doesn't seem so, at first glance...
    The competition, my friend. That competition.
    Mecha-Drago: Rowr. (I'm honestly okay with that.)
    Bach: Squeako! (You two were great!) :D


    Amanda: Ack! *jumps to the ground, ending up barely scorched by the beam* Urgh, that hurts a bit... *restarts running, noticing that she's slowly vanishing* Oh, I'm... vanishing...

    Comet Sword: Don't... count on... that... *puts more energy into the beam, trying to overpower it*

    Sammy: Yeaaah... *keeps running, dragging the Shroob with him* Eh eh eh...

    "Linda": But... they're our friends. They deserve to get some fun as well. ^^
    Walter: Don't worry, I'll be careful. For now, they seem busy talking.

    Aika: Yes. I admit I'm quite hungry as well.
    Kirby: Poyo! *places the cake in the oven*
    OoC: *receives a torch, pepper spray and a stuffed kitten* THAT MAKES SENSE?!

    Kirito: Okay...
    Vex: Alright.
    Nah... just second to last. ^^;
    Mecha-Drago: *falls to the ground, panting* G-Groh... (M-Me too...)
    Bach: ...Squeak? (...So that's a tie?)


    Amanda: Augh! *restarts running, while slapping her eyes* Aaagh! Wake up already! Wake up!

    Comet Sword: ...No, thanks. *fires the beam of light at the Dark Matter Staff*

    Sammy: Nggh... *pulls harder, starting to drag the Shrooboid with him*

    "Linda": But if the others came with us we'll have much more fun~!
    Walter: That's fine by me. I'm used to watch cameras.

    Aika: Yes. He's preparing a cake.
    Kirby: *giggles happily, looking forward to the cake*
    You encase yourself in protective cobblestone and wait.
    Besides, the game was made easier, you can sneak up on skeleton and kill them before they fire a single shot, Creepers can be killed in 3 Iron Sword hits(Because we're being mean, no music disc farming for you)

    No, but I've seen giant zombies riding the dragon on the internet somewhere.
    Make zombie/skeleton horses already.
    Edit, just saw the Chicken steed, it is pointless, those are already fast, so the Chicken is of no use.

    I get the worst enchantment combos.
    Book, Fire Protection II+ Lure II(Fireproof fishing rods)
    Rod, Luck of the Sea II+ Lure II(They cancel each other out...)

    Since when is Freya a main character?
    Oh yeah, the guild got scrapped blasted by a meteor, Ruby was just a dream, Lanturn doesn't talk and what's the whole thing with mushrooms again?
    But you can go in a cave, explore, make yourself some armor, make a clock and come out of thr cave at day.

    Except when there's a skeleton riding a frickin spider...

    The last parts were garbage so ignore that, we'll probably use the same characters and such.
    Since the day I entered in the competition of X-Factor. XP
    Mecha-Drago: *starts breathing heavily* R-roor...


    Amanda: Evil sorcerer... ME?! Nice joke! *jumps into some bushes to avoid the swords, before hiding in a tree truck* Come on, wake up...

    Comet Sword: Well... me neither... *starts shining with a white light, preparing to attack the staff*

    Sammy: Yah! *punches at the lollipop... ending up stuck* Uh oh... *starts pulling back*

    "Linda": Wait... we need to get the others first~!
    Walter: I see... *looks at the cameras* It seems that the animatronics have started moving...

    Aika: ...Ah. Ah ah ah! Oh, don't make me laugh! *waves her hand, making the door open with her psychokinesis* I don't let a simple nobody influence me that easily!
    Kirby: *stares at the bowl where he's mixing the ingredients, before rushing to get some strawberries*
    There's nothing else to rely on in mesa, especially on large biomes.
    Hardcore tip, don't use beds in the first place, you can't respawn anyway...
    Do that on the first days?
    Not that most people would go out hunt monsters on the first days.
    I had an iron sword and no armor and skeletons were everywhere.
    And you can't get string without killing spiders.
    Or looting dungeon chests/stronghold libraries.

    Same old?
    Alright! *rushes to the fountain, starting filling the glass with water* Lah lah lah~!
    Mecha-Drago: Rrowl... *tries to push more, even if he's starting to lose stamina*


    Amanda: *gasps* Oh, darn! *raises her dress and starts running away* Urgh, I hate high-heeled shoes!

    Comet Sword: Get ready... Dark Matter... *swings at the staff, trying to slash it*

    Sammy: Hmm... I wish I has a laser or something like that? *charges at the Shrooboid again*

    "Linda": Yeees! And I can't wait to give warm 'hugs'... *makes her arms go ablaze* Extremely warm bone-crushing hugs!
    Walter: Well, you should be very careful, though. Did you tell what happens at night to the director?

    Aika: *glares back at Porky* Hey... how dare you try to imply that about me? I hope you didn't let that annoying wizard brat influence you in some way...
    Kirby: Uh? *looks at the others, wondering what they're talking about*
    Would you be willing to breed me one? 5IV? XX in ATK stat and Timid nature?

    I am willing to trade the recent Celebrate/happy hour Magikarp in return.
    Gimme a glass and I'll bring you some water.
    Mecha-Drago: Roor... (We'll see about that...)


    Amanda: Hmm... *shrugs* Sure, go ahead. I'm used to all kinds of monstrous things, so... let's do that!

    Comet Sword: Hm? *takes the attack directly* Urgh... *shakes itself a bit, before rushing against toward the staff*

    Sammy: Don't worry, Hazel! I'll try to take care of this punk! *rotates on himself, aiming at the Shrooboid Brat*

    "Linda": Yes... I hope the morning will arrive... soon... *starts feeling a bit different* Sooon... eh eh eh...
    Walter: That's... a noble intent. But you must be careful with your sanity...

    Aika: Oh, it's a secret place, impossible to reach. In this way, they won't escape!
    Kirby: Oh? *shrugs, before starting working on his cake* Yay!
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