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  • ...For what? XP
    Mecha-Drago: Groh! >_< *tries to push a bit harder*


    Amanda: Hmm... that could be a good idea. Lesser heroes... so maybe heroes from underrated games?

    Comet Sword: If you want to... I'm always ready... to spar...

    Sammy: ... *takes Hazel's hand* Y-Yeah... we should try to... go away!

    Springtrap: ...
    "Linda": ...Well? Can't you tell us?
    Springtrap: That's... a private information.
    Walter: Who? ...Golden Freddy?

    Dyna Blade: *shrieks loudly, before charging at Wheatley with its sharp wings*
    Aika: Hmm... I see. We should get rid of the white sheep, uh?
    Ooh! Makes sense. XP
    Mecha-Drago: Rohr? >:p (Out of energy?)
    Bach: *starts clapping* Squeako! (You can do it!)


    Amanda: I know well how you feel. *sighs* However, we can't leave the others to their destiny. I'd like to try to free them, in some way. Maybe, if we gathered a group of heroes that could help us...

    Comet Sword: If you don't mind... I'm all for that...

    Sammy: ...What happened? Oh, you simply beat me up to death. Nothing more than that...

    "Linda": Yes! At least you can look at the children and make sure they are alright, right?
    Springtrap: ...You could say that.
    Walter: So... we'd better stay out of the office for a while, and enter when they become insane?

    Meta Knight: ...We'll see who's the moron. *whistles as loudly as he can*
    ???: *dives from the sky, squawking angrily* Skreeah!
    Meta Knight: Show him a lesson... Dyna Blade!
    Aika: Oh, yeah... he has a somewhat bratty attitude, I must say.
    The vomiting one?
    And once again, hugs and kisses saved the world.

    That, too fast replies no actual plot and stuff like that.
    Oh, that...
    Make a new boss or something, I don't care about the arrows...
    It sure is...
    *Lanturn hug*

    We should find the root of the problem first.
    *Points at ocean monument at spawn*
    You can go there.
    I got a pretty good seed, things are centred around spawn so missing beds shouldn't be a problem.

    But what makes you think they'll work?

    Ashe: Vex has some... Pokemon on her. :3
    Vex: Besides, we have the element of surprise at our side.
    Kashu: Maybe we should let you guys walk around outside the village, you can get fresh water and all that jazz :D
    Why not? :eek:
    Mecha-Drago: Ror, ror, ror! >:3
    Bach: Squeak! (Don't give up, Cici!)


    Amanda: Um, maybe... though she must be extremely careful. I'm already worried about her, since she helped us...

    Comet Sword: I suppose that's a nice thing... I know some magic as well... after all...

    Sammy: Hey, are... are you alright? ...Or are you trying to fool me again?

    Springtrap: If you are so worried about him, we can go to my room and check the cams there.
    "Linda": Oh, really?
    Springtrap: Yes. Follow me. *starts walking toward his room*
    "Linda": *follows him*
    Walter: ...Hopefully we won't have problems while walking to the office.

    Meta Knight: You... fooled me!
    Aika: Hm? Do you doubt that?
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