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  • Well, so do that. ^^
    Mecha-Drago: Rooh! (Keep dreaming that!) *pushes a bit more*


    Amanda: ... *looks down* Me too. I hope they aren't suffering too much...

    Comet Sword: Of course... you're a staff, after all... it's your nature...

    Sammy: ...C'mon, Hazel! You know well that I'm telling the truth. Don't lie to yourself.

    Springtrap: Chica... you know well what happens to animatronics when they don't respect the time...
    "Linda": Uh... what happens?
    Springtrap: Oh, trust me, Linda... you don't want to know.
    Walter: We'd better go to the office. We should be safer there... *starts walking toward the office*

    Meta Knight: What? What's going on?
    Aika: Oh, I bet he will be. He seems a smart guy~!
    Well, you don't need much to relax, if you know how to do that. :)
    Mecha-Drago: Graah! (We'll see about that!) *keeps on pushing*


    Amanda: That's what I hope. I want you and others the be safe. *slowly moves her hand toward Lord Saven, before caressing his head*

    Comet Sword: ...I got to admit it... you did a good job... Amanda looks much better now...

    Sammy: Why not? You love tea, and love to take care of plants. And... I've heard you've done a nice job with our Biolumina flower...

    Springtrap: What's the problem, you say? The time. It's already very late, and you are still around looking for a whippersnapper.
    "Linda": Hey, Walter isn't a whippersnapper!
    Springtrap: Regardless, time is up. So return to your stands... now!
    Walter: Indeed, but it could be our problem...

    Meta Knight: ... *shows his hand*
    Aika: We could indeed go there! I'd love to prepare a nice cake~!
    Kirby: Yay! *rushes toward his house*

    Vex: Yes?
    Ashe: It's SIMPLE! We ambush them!
    I'm relaxed~! ^w^
    Bach: Squeako... (Such interesting match...)


    Amanda: ... *smiles faintly* I'd like you to be safe with me as well.

    Comet Sword: Well... I suppose... anyway, I'll give her some more energy... *uses Soul Give on Amanda*

    Sammy: C'mon, Hazel! Don't you want some tea?

    "Linda": Walteeer~?
    Walter: Not sure... *looks at the cams* Oh, it seems there is another issue, at the moment.
    Springtrap: ...You two! Linda! Chica! Why aren't you on your stands?
    "Linda": ...Uh oh.

    Meta Knight: You would better not try to do anything strange, though, if you don't want problems...
    Aika: I have the ingredients at home.
    Kirby: Yay! *points toward his house*
    Aika: Oh, Kirby too!
    Take your time. We aren't in a hurry. ^^
    Mecha-Drago: *chuckles a bit* Roh? (Tired already?)


    Amanda: It's partly my fault, though... *buries her head into his chest* I'm sorry. Really.

    Comet Sword: *flies into the room* Why is that? Is it boring... to help people?

    Sammy: You aren't helping... why don't you make some leaf tea, so ease your nerves?

    "Linda": I have no idea. Walter! Where are you, sweetheart~?
    Walter: Umm... then I'll use this magnet only as a last resort. We'd better try to work around that problem in another way. And... *looks around, after hearing Linda's voice* She's close...

    Meta Knight: I surely do. *stares at Wheatley's hand for a while, before slowly approaching him*
    Kirby: Yah! *puts on a cook hat* Poyo!
    Aika: ...So we should prepare a cake before?
    Kirby: *nods* Poyo! ^^
    Good! Let's bring the bag to the clerk, so that we can pay it. :)
    Mecha-Drago: Ror! >:D (Okay!) *starts pushing Cici*
    Bach: Squih, squih, squih! ^^ (Go, go, go!)


    Amanda: Yes, I... I guess so. But once again, sorry for that. I didn't want you to worry...

    Comet Sword: *keeps flying, until it reaches the white witch's stand*
    Witch: Oh, you're back! So... did the potion work?
    Comet Sword: Yes... it worked like a charm...
    Witch: *smiles* I'm glad to hear that.
    Comet Sword: Here's... what I owe you... *places the money onto the desk* Thanks again...
    Witch: You're welcome, sword. Say hello to your owner from me.
    Comet Sword: I will... *flies back toward the hotel*

    Sammy: And how the heck... agh... am I supposed to do that?!

    "Linda": Yes. We should be quick, though. *runs after Chica*
    Freddy: I really hope not...
    Springtrap: *exits from his room* ...It seems that somebody isn't respecting the time. I'd better go try to.. fix that. *walks down the corridor*
    Walter: But I don't want to destroy her...

    Meta Knight: Hmm... are you sure that's the only reason?
    Kirby: *tilts his head* Hmm...
    Aika: Yes. I may even prepare a new cake only for you~!
    Kirby: *starts thinking about that* Poyo...
    (Well, how far ahead are you?)


    *The Arachnid!, struck by the claw, jumps backwards, glaring.*
    Ghost Sword: Why are you holding me if you're not going to use me to attack every time?!
    *The Ghost Sword pulls out of the Drago's grasp, and swings itself, the flat of the blade slamming the already hit Arachnid!, and sending it flying into the fall. It ceases movement, which seems to put the other Arachnid! at unease. However, it does not seem to be willing to retreat.*
    Ghost Sword: Just one left. They're not poisonous, it should be easy to deal with.
    *The Ghost Sword hovers over to the remaining Arachnid!, slamming down upon it... but it hops out of the way, leaving the Ghost Sword to strike the floor.*
    Ghost Sword: Urgh, this is why you should be using me!
    *The Arachnid! jumps onto the Ghost Sword and bites it. However, the Ghost Sword, thrashing it off, somersaults in the air, and flies back into the Drago's grasp.*
    Ghost Sword: Now, Drago, listen carefully. Use me to attack it. I'll use my own control over this sword to make the hit stronger and more accurate.
    So? Is is full?
    Mecha-Drago: ...Rowr. ^^; (...We're already outside.)


    Amanda: Yeah, I'm feeling... somewhat better...

    Comet Sword: Good... make sure she heals properly... I'll be back... *flies out of the window, directed to the market*

    Sammy: *shields his head with his arms* M-Maybe not now... but you used to have them... try to remember them!

    "Linda": Let's take a look around for a few minutes. If we obtain no results, we'll go to our stands for the night shift.
    Freddy: They'd better hurry, before Springtrap finds them. And that won't be a nice experience...
    Walter: ...I'm aware of that. *starts flickering, becoming human again* I just need to find the best time to use it.

    Meta Knight: ...I noticed that you are very adamant about shaking hands with me...
    Kirby: ...
    Aika: ...Yeah, definitely. Look, I'll stop attacking right now. *raises her hands* We won't attack anymore, okay?
    (Oh, okay.

    Also, where have you reached in MOTHER 3? How has it gone so far?)


    Ghost Sword: "Boss of this journey"? That doesn't sound right...
    *The two go outside, descending the steps of Osohe Castle, soft sounds audible from the ceiling of the hallways, until the two come to a larger room.*
    Ghost Sword: Oh, we're going outside? Take the right door from here, it'll take us right out!
    *The duo manages to push open the large, wooden door, the bright sunlight taking a few moments to get used to.*
    Ghost Sword: Wait, I still hear a sound behind us... there are more than one of them...
    *Suddenly, strings shoot between the door and the Drago, and two Arachnid!s rain down from above.*
    Ghost Sword: I could hear them all the way from the staircase! They must have been following us.
    *The two Arachnid!s advance threateningly, quivering in anticipation.*
    What I am worried about is the number of Legendaries and Mythicals we can have in our team. Jirachi being part of the guild doesn't sound too good. Hopefully we can still recruit him.
    That's what I hope as well. We'd better not exaggerate.
    Mecha-Drago: *chuckles* Roor! (We'll see about that!)


    Amanda: *sighs* I know that, but I can't really help it. I don't feel well when I see someone else not feeling well... *blinks a couple of times* Wait, I'm starting to feel... something...

    Comet Sword: Hopefully... it seems to have... some effect, though...

    Sammy: Uh... er... try to think about the time when you showed us your powers, in the forest... and when I showed you my Wendigo abilities!

    "Linda": I suppose, but... I'm feeling the urge to go toward my stand, for some reason.
    Walter: Sorry for that... anyway, I think I'm ready. I hope to be able to bring her back to her senses...
    Freddy: Indeed. Let's just get ready.

    Meta Knight: Hmm... perhaps.
    Kirby: *seems to consider the idea, before shaking his head* Poyo!
    Aika: Urgh... so be it, then! *makes some of the fallen missiles float, before throwing them at Kirby*
    Kirby: Ah! *swings his hammer, deflecting the projectiles*
    (As usual, tell me when you are ready to continue.)


    *The Ghost Sword, being lighter than the Drago, and unable to support the its weight, quickly descends to the ground.*
    ???: Don't mention it, I just wanted to get things done quick. I didn't want to play the piano forever.
    *Slamming one last note on the piano, she quickly stands up, and walks right out of the room. Footsteps heading downstairs can be heard afterwards.*
    Ghost Sword: So, where are you going to take me? I've been stuck with that Ghost Knight for longer than I remember.
    *As the ghosts throw the Rotten Eclairs through themselves, disgusting candies fly all around the room, clearly what the ghosts take for a party. One of the ghosts, floating near the ceiling, tries to have some wine, only for it to rain down towards the ground. A nightmare for whoever was supposed to clean the castle.*
    Ghost Sword: And you know why we don't mix with these partying ghosts? Look at them! We better get out of there, this commotion would have woken the Ghost Knight up.
    You really need to watch them. Especially the third one, pure AWESOMENESS!

    Are you going to get Super Mystery Dungeon when it comes over here?
    It said they should appear at the certain times, but they haven't- yet. I'll just test my theory and wait a bit first.

    V: Well, at least he'll have a nice amount of food to eat. You can't say we're starving him or anything. *continues eating*
    ...Be careful to not break it, though. O_O
    Mecha-Drago: *looks around for a while, before shaking his head* Rowr. (No, we'd better go outside.) *starts walking toward the exit*
    Bach: *flies after the Mecha-Drago*


    Amanda: I only... I only wanted to help...

    Comet Sword: Then try now... if it works... I'll go pay the witch...

    Sammy: C-C'mon, Hazel! You gotta remember... please...

    "Linda": Maybe, but... aren't you feeling different?
    Walter: *keeps flying away, until he collides with the guard* Ah, it's... it's you again...
    Freddy: *jumps on his stand, before sighing* Yet another night...

    Meta Knight: Show me first. I'll shake hands later.
    Aika: Okay, I'll... I'll try... *starts walking toward Kirby*
    Kirby: *shakes his head, before staring at Aika and raising his hammer*
    Aika: Oh... he still seems willing to fight.
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