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  • yo success bro.
    tbh, ik denk dat ik media leraar will worden. ik ben best goed in dat vak en het is best leuk om mensen te helpen. i dunno, lijkt me wel iets voor mij.

    hopelijk gaat het goed met je?
    With the power of clawing, of course...

    But trauma is not a bad excuse.
    But they'll still be soul piercing!

    But it is not, it is a clusterf*ck pretty much all the way.
    It is a cashgrab dynasty warriors rip-off...

    Also, I think I now know how gardevoirs must feel on the internet, because of a weirdo friend that joined a super weird group on steam (by steam standards at least) and it had to appear on my activity feed lol...
    ''1-800-f*** a dragon''
    I mean, that's like the last place you'd expect to find weird you know what...
    *Pours bleach on computer*
    Why is everything everything tainted by that, I know it is one of the rules of the internet but i didn't expect it to be so widespread...
    I think I have a few cups and some bleach left, wanna have a drink?
    So far, I'm about 25% of the way through to 100% completion. It's gonna take awhile. xD

    Don't worry about it, thanks!
    So far I've beaten both the Gerudo Divine Beast and the Zora Divine Beast. Right now I'm exploring the Eldin Region and just beat my first Guardian.
    (I never knew enderman got hurt by water. I tested it to make sure. Yes they can, but can't die cuz they always teleport back onto land before dying. I managed to do it in an ocean though, however...)

    *it doesn't teleport far, but more mobs came, including two zombie pigmen, more skeletons, spiders, and tons more zombies and creepers*
    I knocked you out so hard, you woke up on next Friday.

    *Has PTSD and soul piercing Espurr eyes*
    I seen too much awful things to be able to start a RP, so you do it!

    No, I mean actually tangible ones, like no more than 5 enemies on screen at once.
    Plus, it isn't even a Zelda game by gameplay definition!
    I dunno xD

    Also my new TV is digital as opposed to plasma, so it has a sharper resolution in general.

    I'm on the path to stopping my first Divine Beast, the one in Gerudo Desert. I spent a lot of the day just mapping the southern half of Hyrule.
    *Punches you into next Friday*
    When you wake up, you'll realize you're in the distant five days later future.

    *Proceeds to ruin it even more looking up the most awful stuff just so I wouldn't have to start the RP*
    Oh no, silly internet quotes...

    I don't know, I like beat em ups. You know the arcadey one guy VS a whole street gang ones.
    I also liked the Tekken Force mode in Tekken 4 which is kinda like that, though I do remember getting my *** kicked by a panda on stage 2.
    Perhaps. :p

    Not entirely. The Xbox One looks way better on a 4K tv as opposed to the 1080 tv I had before.
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