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  • [She deserved it - for being foul. But the guy talking to her, Boy of X, deserved so too. I'm actually glad she's off for a little bit; I am constantly getting embarrassed because of her behaviour on the forums, and it's nice to have some relief from that, finally.]

    Shadow: There ISN'T. Jesus, you're so whiny. *Rolls his eyes* At least you haven't been her CENTURIES like Maxwell Maxwell and I have.
    Shadow: PFFFTTTTTT---- HAHA! No. Trust me, we'd have all taken it by now if there was an escape. No, we're all in the same boat - forever to be ensnared by cruel fate.
    "Oh, this..? This is just a... rose I guess." She knew perfectly well what it was, but didn't want to tell him because he could use that information against her, she grew very wary and protected the functional rose bud, tucking it between her back legs. She was nervous and had never told anybody a part from a friend of hers.

    She would never tell this stranger. He could easily turn on her...!
    Claffa: *nervous, uses MoonBlast* Waah!
    Me: *suffocates you two with poison gas*
    She looked back and then saw that the wolf had fled. She ran after the whole he was in... she cautiously stayed out of it, knowing that if she crawled in, she would be risking her life and she wasn't prepared to battle this foolish predator. He just didn't get that she could out smart him, she was a little peeved off by that. How he knew about the hologram, she didn't know, but she did know that he would not come after her again unless his life depended on him.

    "Y'know, I can find food on my own, water is one thing that I can just dig out. I am fully capable of taking care of myself. What about you, are you having trouble finding the basics? Well, I guess I could offer a little help to a struggling, helpless predator" She pointed her tail at the ground, the rose bud closing and the scent fading away.

    She wasn't intent on actually taking care of him, but she knew a cat had to do what a cat had to do... quite unfortunately. She was barely finding enough food for herself, so how was she suppose to look after another mouth to feed? This was pressuring on her, but she didn't give up, she knew she could do it!
    Shadow: Well... concerning Maxwell, and realising you'll never beat him... this is my only comment, pal:
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