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  • Oh no, i ate a bad apple and had a really bad stomachache last night, so i didn't exactly write back... sorry. D: Happy Easter! :D

    Astral: Fine.. and do you need to burp in her face like that? It's mean.
    Me: *eats it all* mmm. good.
    Hey TZ! Look, a new avatar, with captions. Do see~
    and what in the world is that down there o_o ??
    *gasp* Oh, honey......you shouldn't have!.....but i'm glad you did ;3 *kiss* ....it looks so yummy....

    Because i'm sorta a teenager now, which means I get a bunch of emotional distress ;n;

    Me: *sniff* Really?
    Zoro: *struggles to stay conscious*
    Just an old computer. I have a Dsi Xl, gameboy advance sp, a wii...band that is it apart from a phone and kindle. The end. I would like to get a 3ds cause they are removing flipnote hatena from the dsi and adding it to the 3ds, plus, I can tell the people of pokemon will start making banes solely for the 3ds. Boy do I drone on...
    Because introducing my ability, I thought it would be obvious. But anyways, talking to Jack and playing Dead Space will definitely help me.
    Pikachu: What?! Metal Shadow! Grr...... I...I have no choice! *His cheeks begin to spark a bit, showing his anger at Fawful*
    MK: Please, Pikachu, we don't wanna lose you!
    Lucario: He's right! What, are you crazy? You can't do this.
    Pikachu: .....I can't let someone defeat a friend... I'm going to bring you down, Bean! *Rushes to Fawful, slides and attacks with his tail*
    Sonic: ...What?! No..!
    Falco: Huh, a green bean? Are you kidding me? *Picks up his Blasters*
    TL: What the, "Dark Star"? Is that what R.O.B had inside?
    Shadow: You prick.... *Charges his Chaos Spear*
    I wasn't even supposed to be controlling YOUR mutants, I already HAD mutants in mind. Aliens/Monsters, whatever you want to call them. No, I don't want any more - never mind. I'll just play Dead Space to take my mind off of everything.
    Falco: Who threw you in the sea? Hm...it must be one of Tabuu's army...
    Pikachu: You're welcome, R.O.B. Good to have you back.
    Shadow: Of course he's powerful, if we had the Chaos Emeralds, then I could possibly fight him by stopping time with Chaos Control.
    Sonic: Hey! I can do that too.
    Shadow: Whatever. *Facepalms*
    Lucario: Hmph.......we're talking about an unbeatable enemy...
    MK: Right, right, he can't be destroyed, but if we find a way, we will.
    TL: Yes, that's true. We're like toys... I mean, trophies.
    Pikachu: I wonder how do we become trophies, I always think I'm one of the real Pikachu.
    Lucario: Except that you talk, so do I. This isn't Mystery Dungeon.
    Ruby: I should help him... but I can't be bothered. George?
    George: Help him, Ruby. You know you have to.
    Ruby: Ugh... FINE. *Taps the lion-fox things, then lifts her hands and the process follows as before* *Then begins rubbing his belly* It's an ability I've had since... well, whenever, but I only discovered it about a year ago. These aren't even supposed to be what I'm taming. Aliens and monsters are...
    George: *Shoots the other with dramatic accuracy, then walks off*
    Ruby: Satisfied? Good, 'cause we're leaving now.
    Ruby: Ah, this is perfect! DNA~! Gee, thanks boy! *Waves*
    George: Ruby...
    Ruby: *Turns to you* Shut your mouth you, you scared that thing into biting me. I can gain control of ANY mutant; if you hadn't of put him off, he'd have been just fine. *Turns to George* What a jackass... *Walks off*
    George: My apologies about her, though she's sorta right. Sorta. *Walks off after Ruby*
    Ruby: Oh, look at this... hmph, piece of cake, it's tiny.
    George: Indeed. Even I'd have little trouble takin' this one. And I don't HAVE your ability.
    Ruby: *Kneels down, lifts her hands towards the mutated thing* *Mutation stops moving and looks at Ruby, then strikes a defensive pose and not an attacking one* There's a good boy... or girl... whatever... *Softly touches it's head*
    Astral: Ha, you wish. here you guys go. *hands us the food* TEAM FLARE! GO FLARE GO! Wooo! :D
    Me: *starts eating quicker this time*
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