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  • Goede aanpak. Je moet zeker zijn van je antwoord xD

    Haha laat me nog een paar games piraten :p
    Gimmie that can!
    *Reads the label* Pixie dust stage prop, made from glitter and adhesive, use just like spray snow.
    Nice try... I'm guessing the astronaut food came from the supermarket and the space suit from a costume shop.

    My head is messed up, by the internet and all of the cartoon gore and other bad things.
    I know only those from the last RP.
    Internet quotes?

    I don't like fighters at all...
    I dunno because I'm one of the few people who uses the word friendo. :3

    Well it's a 55" 4K Samsung TV, so it's good for gaming and has super sharp imagery. =w=
    Wiskundeleraren houden van het stellen van vreemde vragen haha.

    Haha en dan wat? :p Heb m al gedownload op mijn R4-kaartje xD
    Hey friendo! Also in reply to your message on Xbox I just remembered, I do have a new TV and it's pretty great. :3
    (How about adding in Herobrine maybe? And sorry for the delayed reply. Been trying to think of another obstacle or challenge. That's the fun of a roleplay in my mind. Dealing with challenges that you come across)

    *you end up rolling into a Creeper, with another couple creepers next it, and they had begun to hiss*
    Whatever works!

    But I don't even have a single bit of material yet.
    I thought I'll build up on something you suggest.
    I'm not one of those guys with folders full of OCs and stuff...
    I just wanna have a fun time, but I don't know if I can start a non pokemon one.

    Eh, good luck bragging about how good it is with that casual fighter.
    Hope you don't run into anyone playing fighters seriously.
    Only one way to find out, jump into the vortex!

    Okay, I'm fine with the terms only if you start, I'm out of the super amazing starting scenarios, because my dream generation seems to be off as I didn't have a single dream worth writing down.
    And besides, you have waaaay more experience doing this...

    Well it is a spinoff serving no other purpose than what if we get a bunch of nintendo characters together...
    Besides, now they're selling out giving advertisement for popular non nintendo characters. Emphasis on popular.
    I thought space foxes can travel faster than light, you know being dark and stuff...

    Yes, but I won't be able to use as many characters then if I don't know them.
    Why not just create our own?

    But it is a cashgrab nonetheless.
    But one does not escape a black hole.

    But you'll use them regardless if you played the actual games.
    Smash cashgrab shouldn't be canon.
    Ja haha.

    Ik ga kijken of ik dat spel ook gratis kan ''krijgen''. :p Even proberen. :p
    (Well I know I can't be picky. Though I don't like to wait for a week just for a single reply.)

    *suddenly, a spider jockey came, the skeleton aiming its bow at you as more Zombies came from behind you*
    Heh. As long as replies can be in a decent time. A week isn't great.

    *it was now midnight in the world of blocks. Zombies and creepers were chasing you, as well as other mobs*

    3-2-1...and........GO!!!!!!!!!!!! LET THE MC RP BEGIN!!!!!!
    Haha het ging mij tot klas 3 ook wel goed af op zich. Maar in zekere zin was het te laat ja. xD

    Ah. Dacht aan hetzelfde. Heb eerlijk gezegd nog nooit Zelda gespeeld, dus ik wil eerst wel 'ns zien of ik eerdere spellen leuk vind.
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