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  • Me: *Makes quick work of two guards, killing them effortlessly, let's you take the other two* Hurry up, before we encounter more lives that are not ours to take.
    Guard: Don't talk nonsense, or we'll be forced to shoot. *Pulls out a huge gun, aims at you*
    Me: So you won't let us through...?
    Guard: Not without a pass.
    Me: Then you leave me with no choice... * Unsheaths blade slowly*
    Guard: Who goes there?
    Me: We are just passing through. We came from the village before this one.
    Guard: Pass.
    Me: *Begins walking, but is stopped by the guard* What?
    Guard: Where is you pass?
    Me: We need a... pass? This village is a public place...
    Me: I said the same thing. *Rolls up sleeve, revealing a huge scar* And then this happened. I may be an assassin, but I am not immortal. Nor are you. *Unsheaths blade just in case* *Approaches the main gate, some guards look and frown, striking defensive poses*
    Me: Thank you. *Pulls hood further down my face, concealing me* We're arriving now. Here are the gates. Mind those guards - they are heavily armed.
    Me: Hungry? Here, have some of this. *Pulls out a pouch, the pouch has water in it* Liquid is said to be more filling than food in various cases. Plus, it keeps you moving. You should probably drink rather than eat, as eating just makes you crave more.
    Me: We will be able to, but it will be more feesable to move by nightfall. We should only go to the next village to stock up on supplies, and weaponry. Then, by nightfall, we can make a clean, sleek attack.
    Thanks! However it is gonna be hard for me to draw one now since my new term for my course just started.
    Me: My name? I don't give out information like that, I'm afraid. Just call me Ruben - it's a shortening of my actual name. And safer too. Anything you would rather be called?
    Me: We will proceed from this village to the next - the next village has a weaponry shop, where we can improve these things we have now. *Begins walking, waiting for you to follow*

    's okay, I'm going for a walk anyways, haha.
    Me: Interesting. He sounds dangerous. And a threat to the people. So it is with a heavy heart I join you on this job; he must be stopped, and he must be killed.
    Me: The feedback is appreciated. *Adjusts swords up my sleeves* You do know that the town's people will get suspicious is they see you carrying weaponry like that around; you should really be more discreet. *Smirks* And I'm not sure that's such a good idea... I have my own job to do. It depends the magnitude of what you need help with.
    Me: I'll be honest, it was a struggle. You are strong. But I do not rely on luck either. Now, be off with you. *Turns, walks away*
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