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  • Me: We can be friends. Now, if you will excuse me, i want to say goodbye to Zorua... *goes to grave* ..... ;-; *hears your voice* Z-zorua?
    Me: ...ugh... i don't feel that way about you though.. i'll find somebody on my own, i'm sorry Umbreon. *puts Zorua's hat on*
    Het is nogal irritant, redelijk wat mensen vragen of ik requests doe, ik doe het niet en zal het nooit gaan doen!

    Niet nu, ik doe het wanneer ik op DeviantArt zit, ik zit nu op mijn 3DS en daarop is DeviantArt nogal k*t.
    His face is so fat! 83 *Pulls his wittle cheeks*

    Haha, it never leaves, my friend. :')

    More clever than you. ;) But on a serious note, he can GUESS who has murdered somebody by reading their body language alone, and 99% of the time, he is right. He's also thought to be a psychic, but he isn't. :')
    Right. >:c *Opens your mouth, shoves arm through, gets Pikachu from your stomach, pulls him out and hugs him tight* Omg, are you okay?!?! ;__;
    Pikachu's better though. :')

    Haha, I know, it's just the feeling of getting fatter and fatter mixed in with the determination to stay fit, ahaha. XDD

    Yeah, I do! Because the guy in it is soooooo damn clever!! *O*
    Omg, eat the ric ball, but the Pikachu's mine! :3
    It's okay. Well drawn at least.

    I purposefully take the kids meal sometimes, but it's only to feel awesomely young again. XD Otherwise, I just stuff my face with crap and love myself for it. The general exchange between me and my McDonalds experience is this: "I'm so fat... *Eats a chip or two* And useless... *Nomnomns burger*" XDDD

    It's the detective show I used to rave about, then left it for a bit, then came back to it and omg, so good! *O*
    I already saw them, but Pichu is meh.

    Haha! I'm the same! Go in there, get a kids meal and think "Hmmm, this takes me back..." XDDD

    I'm watching The Mentalist right now. :3
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