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  • But lugia is my second fave pokemon... Arceus wastes all in several minutes with Judgement... Kk...

    Day: *sleeping, didn't feel the rock*
    Bud: You have great kids by the way! It would be nice if I could have a kid, but i'm yet to find my soulmate. Until I find myself a soulmate, and family with children at my side, could I help out with your baby shiny zouras, and Zambe? *puts arm around Night's shoulder in a brotherly way* What do ya say? Deal bro?
    Zambe: Thank you... *takes the stone and devolves into a dieno* Thank you now I may show you the sky... *goes into firey soul Rayquaza and picks up Night the fire not even burning/touching Night and flys through the sky with Night in his claws*
    So no one else then Kevin? Least the clay dragons want a father... I don't have a drawing yet! are you sure?

    Day: *still crying on the bed, asleep*
    Wat wil je erover zeggen? Zelf ben ik er niet echt in geinteresseerd, dus als je er iets over wil vertellen, zeg het dan.

    Nou, bedoel je in het echt of op Serebii?
    Why Not?! .....I think its time Arceus shows some destruction... around nearby... and not yet.

    Day: *swats you away* I don't like clay dragons who mess with me! *locks you in a cage with no knife the "timeout cage"*
    Chip: Thank you for understanding *hugs*
    Zambe: Y..you...kept all my young dieno clothes... *starts to cry* I only evolved to save you..but..i really love the ability to fly and my powers are just so much better...i don't have that when i'm a dieno...i just can't devolve...*shakes head* It's impossible to go back to being a dieno now...
    Bud: *seared pretty badly but is still hanging in there* You don't think you'd take me out that easily did you? *uses synthesis and regains all his health and is nolonger seared and burned* I think i'm done battling for now. Truce? *holds out vine for a truce shake*
    Emii: That was a great battle Bud! *hugs Bud* You were excellent! Both of you were excellent!
    My shiny Entei: KEEP DOWN THE RACKET!!! *goes back to sleep in the corner*
    Emii: ... *returns Entei to his pokeball and teleports him back to the PC*
    Not yet. But Day wants another person to love.... (Please?)

    Day: *still crying, kicks you (Not off the cliff) and runs into the house*
    Wat wil je daarover zeggen?

    Denk je echt dat je kan veranderen? Denk je echt dat dat je gaat lukken?
    Haxorus: *grabs you and is not affected by your struggling* Haxor.. (Yes you are...)
    Day: *crying even harder and is very stressed out, almost preparing for suicide*
    Omdat ik niks erop te zeggen had. Jij stuurde die VM om een gesprek met mij te starten, zonder te weten waarover, zodat ik je weer kon vermaken als je je verveelt. Dat ga ik gewoon niet doen.

    Wat ga je verbeteren?
    Day: Yes you are! *throws you into the hallway and slams my door and locks it, same with windows and such, still crying* YOU ARE KEVIN!!
    Day: *crying, pick you up, choking you* I am not you mother! *throws you and you get a concussion, then runs into my room crying*
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