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  • Me: *Thinks hard* Oh, I know! Pansear, burn this flower! *Picks a flower* The scent will be so strong that Zorua's bound to smell it from a mile off; there's no way it could fail! *Pansear burns the flower - the scent is strong and breaks you free of the stone* I'm guessing this time is limited, Zorua. Here... *Picks a multiple flowers and makes them into a chain, then threads them around your neck* That should keep you mobile, at least. Now, tell me how to restore your Meema; I HAVE to fufill my promise. *Smiles and pets you* Oh... and sorry about the necklace thing... but you have to wear it~ ^^;

    I like your new avi~ ^-^
    Chip: I'm sorry, but I cannot just abandon Emii.
    Zambe: *flys back* Are sure you were just kidding? You sounded pretty serious... *wipes tears off of his face*
    ???: Please no need to attack me. *flips leafy hairdoo* My name is Bud, and i'm Emii's 5th random shiny ever, and a starter from Emii's previous Kanto journey in the past. She went back in time to go through Kanto when Team Rocket still existed with Giovanni as ruler. She and I defeated them, and stopped them from being in the future. I just love the kids. I just wanted to help take care of them. But, if it's a battle you seek, it's a battle you'll get! *uses sleep powder on Night, and then uses razor leaf*
    Arceus: *is still in the forest*
    Me: Ooh, yummy! *carries him to the ice cream shop*

    Flare: *slowly wakes up* ...Huh? I'm... I'm alive?
    Doctor: I-It's a miracle!

    Good night, then! :)
    Shaymin: *Touches the Gracedia and turns into a human* Ah! Kevin! What is that thing? Eek! Someone get me clothes! *Hides behind a tree*
    Riolu: *Brings her clothes* Here you go Shaymin.
    Shaymin: *Puts them on* Ok. This is weird. What did you do to me Kevin?
    Arceus: *disappears into the forest*
    Me: Okay... *pets more* Okay, little phoenix, what do you want to do now?

    Doctor: But... still!

    *hugs again* Smile. :)
    Arceus: Wow, you have a large voicebox. *puts you in a prison cell* You shall remain here until I feel that you have been punished enough.
    Me: *perks ears* Did you hear my son just then?

    Doctor: What?! You did this?! Impossible! They were clearly hit by a Hyper Beam, and a non-evolved Pokemon can't learn Hyper Beam!

    Good. :)
    Shaymin: Don't you understand? This means that I'm yours now. I can't date a girl. *Kisses you* So where are you taking me tonight?
    Me: Someone explain what's happened to me!
    Shaymin: Nah...
    Arceus: THAT'S IT! *uses Judgement on you*
    Me: You like my petting? Aww. *continues petting* :3

    Doctor: *has a nurse drag you out of the room* And don't come back until she's healed!

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