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  • Shaymin: Shh... Follow me... *Goes and grabs me*
    Me: *Sleeping* Zzz...
    Shaymin: *Takes me to Geela* Geela! we have a new girl in town!
    Geela: *Turns me into a girl*
    Me: *Wakes up* Huh? *Girl voice* What's up?
    Arceus: Very well, though next time I will not be so merciful. *puts you on the ground*
    Me: Aww... *pets you* You really are a cute little phoenix. ^_^

    Doctor: Hey! Don't touch her now, she's being healed!

    I just wish I could help you feel better. :/

    Shaymin: Lucario!
    Lucario: Sorry Kevin... I just really like you and I didn't want Shaymin to like you.
    Shaymin: It's fine Lucario. Anyhow, thank you Kevin. Let me give you a gift. *Kisses you*
    Arceus: *lifts you out of hiding* You would be wise to not anger me, foolish child...
    Me: Hmm? What happened to your voice?

    Riley: *has a steely gaze at Flare's room* ...


    I don't want to get involved in this, I'm sorry. :/
    Arceus: I know you're not dead, child. I am the God of Pokemonm after all.
    Me: Aww, what a cute little phoenix. *pats his head*

    Riley: *doesn't move* ...

    Just try. :/

    You should ask someone who's closer to her to do that.
    Arceus: *lifts you out of the water* You've got to be more careful than that.
    Me: *finishes the salad* Lunch time, little Ho-oh!

    Nurse: I'm sure they'll be fine.
    Riley: *under breath so no one can hear* They better be...

    Cheer up! Being depressed about it isn't going to help anyone. :/

    I've met her, though we don't really talk. :/
    Arceus: I'll disregard that rude comment because you are a child. Now, we are about to land. *the planet is covered in colorful vegetation, the water is beautifully clear, the sky has an orange glow, and you can see two suns*
    Me: Aww... *starts preparing the salad*

    Nurse: Then you'll have to tell the doctor when he finishes healing them.

    I'm not saying completely give up on her. I'm just saying that you need to keep moving forward.
    No, I don't. Why?

    Lucario: He isn't really my type. Besides, don't say that. You're a great guy.
    Shaymin: Kevin... I would go out with you it's just that it isn't cool to go out with another guy when you're dating someone.
    Arceus: *smiles* Okay, we are approaching my home. *points to a small planet*
    Me: *picks some berries* Maybe I should make a salad with these... *walks home*

    Nurse: Oh my! *more nurses appear and help Flare and I up and carry us into room* How did this happen?

    There's a saying: If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, then it's yours. :)
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