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  • Lucario being a villain of sorts and Shaymin coming to save the day. But I won't use it for a little bit.

    *The next morning*
    Lucario: *Comes back* So, how'd you sleep last night?
    Shaymin: Like I said, I'm not going to risk my life. *Leaves*
    Lucario: Good. I'll come check on you tomorrow. Until then, stay here. *Leaves*

    I have an idea I want to use though.
    Arceus: It seems that this Ho-oh is very attached to you... Very well. You may prove how fit you are to be his foster mother.
    Me: But... how do I do that?

    Flare: No! I don't want to become responsible for anyone besides myself!

    Why are you in a bad mood?
    It's an RP. Don't take it so seriously.

    Shaymin: *Walks over* Sorry Kevin, but I still need to say no. I'm not risking my life.
    Lucario: See Kevin? Even Shaymin realizes that you're mine.
    Listen. There's no point getting worked up about this. You only think you love her because she was the only girl who reciprocated a certain degree of affection.
    You can't. You'll have to accept that
    Arceus: It is against the law for a non-legendary to keep a legendary. Perhaps Moltres will look after you...

    Flare: Oh... NO! I refuse to be guilted into being your mother. *crosses arms*

    I just didn't get enough sleep, and my internet was messed up the night before. :/
    Shaymin: *Ignores you*
    Lucario: *Lifts you high into a tree* I'll come back tomorrow. Don't try to leave. You get out of that tree and you're dead, got it?
    I know that since you've said that, you don't truly love her. You practically settled for her if she's the only girl who'd go out with you. That is not true love.
    She won't get it if all of her "electronic devices" have been taken away
    Me: *lifts the Ho-oh out of my tails* I found this baby Ho-oh next to his dead mother. I don't know what to do with him.
    Arceus: Ah, that is unfortunate... We will have to find a foster home.

    Flare: Hey, I may be nicer, but I have my limits!

    And I'm back as well. Sorry for not being on yesterday, I was in a bad mood and didn't feel like getting on. ^_^'
    You think you love her. Also, if she really and truly loved you she would find a way to contact you.
    Shaymin: *Walks by* I wouldn't have wanted them anyways! You don't have any idea how lucky you are! *Leaves*
    Lucario: Fine then. *Lifts you up with aura* If I can't have you, no one can!
    You're probably gonna hate me for saying this but.....you don't really know what love is. You're way too young
    It would be crazy to send her a letter. Besides you couldn't have been too serious. You barely knew each other
    Lucario: *Throws the stuff in the garbage and creates a fake note, which she slides into your room*
    Fake Note: Ok Kevin. Meet me at the big tree at the other end of the forest. Be there in 10 minutes. ~Shaymin
    Lucario: *At the big tree*
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