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  • Whatever you want it to look like.

    Shaymin: Wait for it...
    Geela: *Stop circling you* Done! *You're turning into a girl*
    Shaymin: Perfect...
    Shaymin: Geela? I'm here.
    Geela: *A Fairy flies up to us* Hey Shaymin! You sure you want me to do this?
    Shaymin: Yes. Kevin needs to know.
    Geela: Ok. *Starts to fly around you*
    Piplup: Pi Piplup *nudges Zorua* (play with me!)
    Dawn: Listen... Zorua? I know your Zorua but that doesn't mean we can't be friends. Here *Gives poffin* Try one -tasty isn't it?
    Piplup: Pi Piplup
    Dawn: Here you go, you can have a poffin too
    Shaymin: Yes. The second one is that I'm your girlfriend and I get to boss you around, not you bossing me around. And last is that girls don't like to be compared to one another. Besides I have a special treat for you... It was originally for Manaphy, but because we broke up, I'm giving it to you. *Walks outside* Follow me.
    I have no xlue, might take a long time... I come from Coon Rapids...

    Gretel: Hrrr... (Just add some random potions...)
    We are like a mile away from you. How would we hear that?

    Shaymin: Riolu really liked you... She probably isn't too happy right now. Especially because you broke up with just so you could date her best friend...
    Riolu: Thanks Manaphy... Kevin suggested we go out, but I don't really like you that way...
    Me: What? Gee, that isn't very nice to say to a guy who was just broken up with.
    Riolu: You didn't let me finish! Anyhow, I don't like you that way because you're like a brother to me...
    Me: Thanks. I remember when you'd tell me secrets that you wouldn't tell Shaymin... I've known you since my first life. Now I think I'm on my third. If I hadn't jumped off that cliff that one time...
    Riolu: I remember that. You were trying to impress Shaymin. She cried for a week after you were gone.
    Me: Really? That little backstabber...
    Dawn: I don't need proof... wait.. I know lets send out Mamoswine!
    Mamosine: MAMOSWINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dawn: Do you recognise the smell of this Pikachu?
    Mamoswine: *stomps feet and shakes head* MAAAAAAAAMOOSSWIIIINNEEE!
    Dawn: Thanks Mamoswine *returns to pokeball*
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