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  • Poochyena: Hey, what's the matter?

    Girafarig: Pwease stop trying to eat her hair???

    Flare: ...Argh, this is getting to my head. Go away. *goes inside and locks the door*

    Me: Well, we aren't in your time, now are we?! *sighs in pain*

    I just handed you money!!! *growls*
    *goes over to the Poochyena* Hi there, would you like to meet my son?
    Poochyena: Oh sure, lady! :)
    Me: He's right over there. *points to you*

    Girafarig: ...It can't be that simple, can it?!

    Flare: Why don't you go play with the others? I'm sure they're much better company than me.

    Rob: Hey! You do NOT hit girls!!! *helps me up* Are you okay?
    Me: I think so...

    Um... *magically finds some money* Here! *gives the man the money*
    *spots a little Poochyena* Hey, why don't you go introduce yourself?

    Hypno: That worked... kinda...

    Flare: I can take care of myself. I'm a grown woman, after all. *arrives on the porch to the house*

    Me: You don't hit girls! *slaps you back* And how was I supposed to know that?!

    Uh, sir... You do realize that only women carry purses, right?
    I'm sure we can find you at least one friend. Come on. *carries you to the park*

    Hypno: Maybe a more direct approach? *puts an barrier around the hair-eating thoughts so they can't reach your mind*

    Flare: My parents lived long enough, thank you. And I'm going home because I'm tired, and all this arguing is giving me a headache.

    Rob: Argh, stupid TVs!
    Me: *so much facepalm it's not even funny* I'm kinda scared to see what other people from the future are like. -_-'

    Oh, uh... *picks up a random purse and hand the man some money* Here.
    They can hear you though, can't they?

    Hypno: Hmm... Plan B! *puts bad thoughts into your head whenever you think about eating my hair*

    Flare: *steadies breathing* If you want to help me, threats and bribery isn't going to help. *walks away*
    Me: Where are you going?!
    Flare: Home. *continues walking*

    Rob: Ooh, that's right... *points the remote at the microwave* This stupid TV won't turn on!
    Me: *sigh*

    I would like a chicken sandwich, some fries, and a soda, thank you.
    I don't understand, I would think that'd be a good thing...

    Hypno: Now to go into his mind and remove the urge to eat hair. *disappears into your mind*

    Flare: You're crazy! You're all freaking crazy!This isn't going to help me, it's only gonna make me more bitter!!! *is getting angry*
    Everyone else: Uh... I don't think this was a good idea...

    Rob: Good thing I have a back-up remote!
    Me: *looks at him in disbelief*
    Rob: ...What? I knew something like this would happen, so I had a plan B!

    We can eat whatever we want to, little one. *goes inside and orders some food*
    Now, why would they do that?

    Hypno: Oh sure, a lot of people can. I was just testing my weakest spell. *uses Hypnosis on you so you fall asleep*

    Everybody else: Y-yeah, of course we want it!
    Flare: *destroys the gun* You are pathetic to try to guilt me into this.

    Me: *facepalm* Smart move... *is being sarcastic*

    *runs over to the Machamp* Maybe I can help... *changes to Ninetales and revives the Machamp*
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