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  • Ah. I think I see. Well I'm sure we can add stuff...using a mod for a roleplay. lol. We could definitely add stuff. what all do you have in mind?
    Where did my previous message disappear to, I have no idea...
    Anyway shouldn't we start making arrangements for you know what?

    Well in short it was mostly niceness aside complaints that Fates ruined dragonstones, the trinity of magic and has no good dark magic...
    It's better than nothing!
    ~The Nintendo attitude towards making a decent virual console

    In that case no problem at all!

    You signed a contract saying I will get 10% in exchange for a beach ball!

    Final Fantasy had pretty decent ports of the original two for Java, but phones are okay for turn based RPGs, lol pokemon gen 1 and 2 ROMs. But the switch doesn't have Final Fantasy XV!

    Emotions, not emoticons, sheesh, you're unfair!

    Extremely RNG achievement.

    NX Mario game=Compared to Sonic 06, starts off pretty bad.

    Of course it looks lame, also the magic trinity or however the magic triangle was called is absent, all spells aside the inverted ones are considered red by the new triangle, which sucks as that was part of the fun with the magic types.

    The old trinity of magic
    The new generalized triangle.
    Not to mention there's only one Dark spell, no Light as far I see(unless it just doesn't differ) and Anima lost all point in elements...
    Ooh, that's swell!

    The great thing about Fantasy is that you can push the boundaries of what you can be. I fancy Sci-fi because of the futuristic aspects, I am a sucker for advanced technology and stuff like that.^^
    I still can't believe they are getting rid of Miiverse. I mean... who in their right mind would make players use third party-social media instead of their own? Bummer.

    Sadly, won't be able to get Switch on launch, costs too much for me (340 Euros)
    I am for the most part. Hoping the same for you!

    Well i'm a sort of the Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, or School-Life kind of guy, but nothing depressingly rough. A bonus if more than one of those genres mix! I was thinking we'd forgo something pokemon-based as I already have two of those ongoing, and a third might be overdoing it...I prefer upbeat atmospheres, with some slapstick thrown in there too! Though I might have seen in a VM that you're not fond of that?
    Likewise, it's been a while!

    Oh don't worry about it, not like it's explicitly private or anything! But you are correct, i've been shamefully quite into Roleplays ALOT lately. What sorts are you into?
    So I just accidentally stayed up playing single player GTA V Online for like 4 hours. (It's passed 2:30 AM)

    Like seriously though, just driving around in that game and doing random stuff is so relaxing.
    Haha ik zal je de details besparen. :p

    Ja, op zich wel. Gelukkig gaan de eerste paar weken van het nieuwe jaar altijd een beetje rustig aan.

    Ah lukt wel. Gewoon doorgaan.
    Hey it's not nice to throw away gifts...

    You act like if I asked you to marry someone...

    *Waits for you to finish so I would get my share*

    Aww, phone games are for casual scum!

    Yes, you were jelly that I showed some emotions, so you broke my heart and killed my crush!

    Crypt of the NecroDancer Bat Trick?

    Conquest Lunatic

    I played Skyrim already, I'd rather Morrowind HD, but as if that's going to happen. Morrowind simply is better, lack of fast travel hurt, but I had gear that upped my speed to lv 140, plus levitation=Fun flying argonians I miss that spell, would help solve the Skyrim issue of oops, there's a mountain in the way...
    Open world Zelda, lame, I hate open world games, they let you go anywhere anytime and there's no sense of progression.
    I could just get OoT 3D...

    Also Fire Emblem on switch sounds meh, I don't like the 3D models already, the sprites were just so much cuter, especially when animated.
    Even though the weapons in Fates look cool, the magic is bland when compared to like say, FE: The Sacred Stones.
    One of the coolest spells in Sacred Stones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWgm5tgpybg
    No animation, probably just because it looks so lame.
    Except now I have no use for Sun/Moon, since I've done all the post-game events. And the Battle Tree and Royal are a bit unfair, so...

    Will you watch the Switch presentation event live?
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