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  • But that is not the time before siblings didn't exist, you're apart by 41 billion years.

    I think they should take the simple approach, nothing super silly, no power glove or anything like that ever again...

    I have but I'm saving that for video games and maybe even belowstory if I have some change to spare.
    Maar wie is dan Dracula? Asgore? xD
    Of misschien Chara?

    Bleh! Ik niet. Dx

    no items fox only final destination
    Maar...spelen als Bowser in Bowser's Inside Story is nog steeds een van de coolste dingen ooit.

    Ik heb die van mij al jaren.
    In de vierde moeten we blijkbaar een laptop hebben. Ik denk dat ik daar Windows op ga zetten.

    Krabby: Fine, then. I shall follow ya for now. But no jumpin' around! I'm no good jumper, ya see.
    Snivy: We understand perfectly, Krabby. Simply follow us.
    ...It has a very nice sound. It seems... almost ethereal.

    Bach: *shakes his head* Squeako. (No tapping on glasses.)


    Director: Argh! *cringes, trying to resist the violent attack*

    Eleanor: See you later, darling. *jumps into the portal*
    Dereck: ...Stay safe.
    Amanda: We will. Don't worry.
    Dereck: *nods, before following Eleanor through the portal*
    Luigi: Our... h-help?!
    Mario: Hm... from that strange machine and that boy?
    Villager: Which boy? The one outside of a strange machine or the one inside a strange machine?
    Mario: *scratches his chin* I think it was a boy and a machine, separately.
    Villager: Oh. Then I know who.
    Sammy: Simple. *smirks* We could hunt them down.
    Alucard: And in this way, we could slowly weaken the base.

    Walter: Yes... I definitely want to rescue the Director. He's the priority. If we find him, we can stop all of this.
    Aika: Well, we can hope to find him, then.
    Krabby: I hope so. I don't wanna wait mah time, ya see!
    Snivy: Oh, don't worry. It will be worth it.
    Well, why don't you try your armonica, in the meanwhile?

    Bach: Squeak... (As long as they won't be scared by us...)
    Mecha-Drago: Rhhh... (Hmmm...)


    Director: My answer? ...I'm going to protect my power. I'd rather not take any risk. Worse comes to worse... well... I will... use drastic measures. So Fight is my choice.

    Eleanor: No, we don't mind it at all.
    Dereck: ...Indeed. We can go together.
    Amanda: We can, but first... *looks at the fellow heroes* We must bring some allies with us.
    *The heroes look around them, puzzled by their surroundings.*
    Mario: Where... are we?
    Villager: This place is very spooky.
    Luigi: *trembles in fear, staring around him*
    Sammy: Should we try to track him down?
    Alucard: ...I think it would be better if we attacked other sides of the base, and make take down the security.
    Sammy: Take down the security...

    Walter: Yes... a bit better.
    Aika: Sweet! So, what should we do after we're back to normal?
    Walter: Simple. Try to do something to stop the invasion.
    Iemand moet een Spaghetti Quest hack maken voor Castlevania. xD

    Volgens mij niet champions...te minsten, niet degene waar ik het over heb. Ik hou niet echt van champions of paddenstoelen, bleh.

    come at bruh
    IK vond het best een leuk spel. De Dream Battles waren vooral heel erg leuk!
    Het is te minsten moeilijker dan Bowser's Inside Story! Ik ben zo vaak dood gegaan in Dream Team, terwijl ik nooit dood ging in Bowser's Inside Story.

    Ik zal er naar kijken! Hopelijk doet het op mijn PC. xD Mijn PC is best oud.

    the internet is a magical place
    OMFG kijk eens naar wat ik heb gevonden xD:

    Ik denk dat dat speciaal is...? Ik weet effe niet... Ik vind die pittige pizza echt lekker!

    beach u wanna foight over da?
    Dark Bowser was best cool, vooral zijn battle theme.
    Ik vond Dreambert van Dream Team ook best badass...en Bedsmith was ook erg grappig. XD

    Op dit moment gebruik ik SimpleScreenRecorder. Ik maak niet echt veel filmpjes.
    ik heb jouw spaghetti gestolen lol
    BBQ pizza is mijn favoriet ^^

    En nu is Bowser mijn favoriete Mario karakter. xD

    Ik zou dat niet kunnen, hoor. xD
    Als ik een stream zo regelen zou het sloom as f*ck zijn... Mijn recorder is echt slecht (ik weet niet eens of die wel live kan...)
    *Opens up a time portal*

    On a potato?
    What's so sad about that?!

    Umm, some weird japanese stuff everyone else would say "WTF?" upon seeing, come on, I don't even need to give examples, you know how it goes...
    Say hi to the NSA creeps monitoring your room for.
    Krabby: Oh, it's something that a certain Pokemon mentioned once. I dunno what is that either.
    Snivy: ...Okay... *runs after Pikachu, closely followed by Krabby*
    Hmm... that may be a good idea. If I plug it deeper, I shouldn't be overwhelmed by the noise.

    Bach: Squih! ^^ (Yay!) *follows Cici*


    GLaDOS: Where could he be...? *blinks* Oh, here he is. *starts heading toward the location*

    Amanda: Yes, a healer would be a good idea...
    Eleanor: Hm, then we could help with that. We have plenty of healing herbs at home. If we go there, we could get them to heal you from many status ailments.
    Dereck: Good idea.
    Amanda: ... *sighs* Fine, but... don't exaggerate. Do only what you are able to do with your abilities, alright?
    Eleanor: Don't worry, darling. *rubs Amanda's head* We can take care of ourselves.
    Amanda: ...Alright, then.
    Sammy: Oh. Well, no point in crying on spilt milk. What happened... well, happened.
    Alucard: I'm afraid he fled...

    Walter: ... *slowly loses his ball form, becoming a blob of data*
    Aika: Ah, you're changing!
    Walter: ...Yes. I'm almost back to normal.
    We gingen eigenlijk lasagna eten vanavond, maar m'n vader had niet echt veel honger.

    Ja, ik weet het! xD

    Ik: *Zit in een andere tab*
    "Bonk... bonk... bonk..."
    Ik: "...defuq?"
    Stream: "Now playing Megalovania"
    Ik: ...Oh.
    "I hope she made lot'sa spaghetti!" (Ik heb net spaghetti op. xD)

    Ik was echt doodsbang van hem toen ik nog jong was.
    Maar...ik was ook doodsbang van Bowser, dus...

    Ik denk dat ie nu offline is...

    Dat vraag ik me ook af. Ik denk dat de Chaos Emerald dan gewoon in een andere locatie zal zijn.
    Ik ben ook benieuwd wanneer Mecha Mario zal verschijnen. Ik denk dat ie zal verschijnen als "The crew" naar Bowser's ship gaan.

    Ik heb geen Twitch account, helaas. xD Maar ik zit er op.
    Oh ok.

    De reboot zag er echt cool uit. Ik kan niet wachten op die ene aflevering waar ze een heel groot gevecht hebben op Yoshi's Island. Dat was een van mijn favoriete delen.

    Is goed. :P
    Wat is het nou? Ja of nee? :p

    Ik heb het nooit gezien...
    Ik heb wel Super Mario Bros. Z gezien. Dat was echt badass.

    ..."HEM"? Bedoel je die ene gast van Powerpuff Girls?
    It's fine. I cried all I needed to yesterday about losing her until I realised I am TONS BETTER without her, so it's no big deal. Had a fight, got talked to, my mother was extremely supportive and it's high time I got over that sh!t. xD;
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