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  • Because I took some singing lessons!

    So now I don't have a dog anymore and can't bury her because it's winter, the timing couldn't have been better...
    Ik moet pas om 10:30 op school zijn. Ik heb maar 3 uur vandaag. xD

    "But hey, that's just a theory!
    I failed theory!"
    It's not the fact that it's petty like that - it's the fact that I am growing with interests favoured around PEOPLE [if you catch my drift-???] rather than objects, you see? And because I've never been in a situation where I actually care so much about another person... I ask for a lot of help, and even when I don't, I ask for my friend to at least listen to me, like they should... but they listen as much as they WANT rather than as much as they SHOULD.

    I see your problem and I see the similarities, though our situations are tons different. I have the same trust issues, my friend. If you ever want to share secrets, I can keep 'em, aha! I can promise you, I don't have enough friends who would be interested enough to ruin your life. xD;

    I'll try it and see how it is - I just hope it works, because if not, then I am relying on one person for my happiness in school... and that one person is friends with all the people who were in my group, but not anymore, as of today... I guess.
    Snivy: Hmm... then maybe we just found the Krabby. *starts hopping on the rocks, looking for the Krabby*
    Hmm... why don't you try the melodica? That has buttons, so you should be able to play it.

    Mecha-Drago: Rowr! (Indeed, especially if nothing interests you!)
    Bach: Squeako? (So, shall we go ahead?)


    GLaDOS: We may not be able to absorb it, but that doesn't mean that we can't use it, especially if we try to possess the Director...
    Director: ... *looks away, unfazed by the device* And what makes you think that I will agree to your foolish plans?
    Yuga: Good. Now we only need to get rid of the others. But how? *thinks for a while, before moving toward the door and leaning, trying to listen to the conversation and react as needed*
    Amanda: Are... you sure? *looks down for a while, before grudgingly interrupting her technique* Fine... I'll go get them. *runs toward the items, waiting for them to return back to normal*
    Alucard: We can't be sure about that. We must look for a better solution. If we take a risk now, then the whole worlds will be doomed.
    Sammy: But... Cindy managed to use her powers last time. *places a paw on his mouth* Though, I guess that Wheatley could have fixed those flaws. However, who knows if those walls block physical prowess as well. Maybe they could weaken us to the point that we won't be able to come out. After all... Meta Knight isn't back yet, and he was really strong.

    Aika: Uh, okay? *sticks her finger* Like this?
    She left me (well, I left her, but that's because she would not offer the help I needed and then she said she didn't need me if I was just going to make her problems seem inferior to mine).
    I've just recently had fallings out and stuff with close friends, recently. It kind of makes me feel like all my friends are dividing into different groups that I just can't keep up with, and it's not like I am EXACTLY the way they work. I have different interests, different mechanisms, and that effects how I deal with things as a person and I offer my full respect to all my friends, but no matter what, I never get the same back and I lost a close friend about an hour ago because I'm not good enough and she thinks I'm going to leave her for my crush. She thinks I blame her for everything when I don't and it's just getting harder and harder to deal with...
    My life is going crazy at the moment, and not in the good way. I have a million and one problems I can just not deal with and I am constantly feeling useless and dumb and stupid and helpless, etc. but I won't bore you with that. However, I am glad you asked, though you don't have to listen to me ramble if you don't wish to. uvu
    Not really, I just came to check on messages I knew I have had pending for a while, but I suppose while I'm here, I'll ask you how you are, my friend? c:
    Snivy: Oh, much appreciated. *looks around, still walking* Well, if you see some bubbles in the air, then we have found the Krabby.
    It shouldn't be. You would only need to blow on the main hole and close the little holes rhythmically. If I still had prehensile fingers I would have played it.

    Bach: Squeh... (I may get some toys...)
    Mecha-Drago: Rowh. (I will keep it for a while.)


    GLaDOS: Friendly reminder: his data cannot be absorbed, only roughly copied at most. Just in case you forgot... *starts looking for the Director's body*
    Director: ...I'm very awake. I'm just in deep thought while trying to contain the glitches.
    Meta Knight: ...
    Yuga: Eh, it seems that you have lost, hero of the stars.
    Meta Knight: *says nothing, before losing consciousness, resulting in his sword clattering to the floor*
    Amanda: Buddy! *rushes toward Lord Saven, looking very concerned* L-Lemme help... *places a hand on his chest, before initiating a Soul Give*
    Alucard: Not recommended. There could be a trap there.
    Sammy: But... shouldn't magic be something that you learn, rather than a natural ability?
    Alucard: I think that the answer lies in the fact that magic uses mana, which could be blocked by that room.
    Sammy: And the ice breath?
    Alucard: Depends. Some creatures use mana for it, while for others is innate. Most dragons have innate fire and ice, for example, while Wendigos use mana.
    Sammy: Oh... that explains why I wasn't able to use my powers as a Wendigo while Amanda, as a dragon, could...

    Aika: A crack? *gazes carefully, until finding a little crack* That one?
    It's because I always rush through level 1...
    I had no gun, obviously...

    You can do that too, if you time it right, but the AI is supposed to not be able to do that, but you know, dumb luck...
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