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  • No need for translation. Thanks. So as much as i read, you totally dissappointed me. You pretty much ignore all suggestions and just ask for help. I gave you the sets for pokes you just put for your Rain team, but i never said it has good synergy and stuff. But no need to worry, those guys there were pretty picky. So as everyone mentioned you need Electric/Thundurus counter. And Gastro doesn't do that well. You already have Croak to absorb water, and i think i have found an awesome Rain abuser, that abuses Thundurus electric attacks... To leave some intrigue i won't tell it in this VM. So you wanna know what it is?
    Since i don't know if you get my PM i VM you with everything.Damn it! I thought it was something strange. The damn phone. I replied with everything you need, but no my phone doesn't send it in the end. Oh well,
    1. Rotom @ Lefties
    252HP/252SpA/4Spe or 122HP/252SpA/144Spe
    2. Skarmory @ Lefties
    Sturdy, better than Keen Eye
    3. Salamence @ Life Orb
    Rash/Naughty, either works.
    You can also use Fire Blast as alternative to Flamethrower, but that unreliable accuracy...
    4. No, no, no for Explosion on Gengar.
    Gengar @ Life Orb
    For last move run either Sub or HP[FIRE].
    Hope i helped. Be sure to tell me how your team is going, what are the biggest threats to it, and we can make an awesome team. ^^
    Ok, first of all.DO NOT EVER CALL ME DUDE AGAIN, EVER. Hope we understood each other on this one ^^ I just don't like the sound of that word.
    Secondly, hope i helped you with your team, and i replied you a bit late, but it's ok, right?
    Als je dit leest, ik ben zojuist een lid geworden van de nieuwe nederlandse club, als dat kan. privé bericht me (< jezus wat klinkt dat raar in het Nederlands) als ik ben ingeschreven in jouw club :)
    Ik ga hem nu maken, waarschijnlijk is hij open rond 7 á 8 uur (Denk ik ) Jouw request staat gwn dan op de wachtlijst (Als ik niet al klaar ben). Maar, ik vind het niet egt leuk om je strikes ofzow te geven, dus praat in het Engels, dat is wat handiger voor andere mensen :D
    Kdenk het wel, misschien is hij wel erg moeilijk! Ik begin er aan nadat ik m'n Shop-Thread heb gemaakt :D
    Hi there,
    For a vullaby egg, can you breed a male sheildon/with relax impish careful or sassy nature/and egg move curse? ^^
    Hier :
    Persoonlijk vind ik de 1ste beter.
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