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  • Ria: Okay, that's it! *channels some Dark energy into Night, allowing for Phantina to get pushed out due to the excess energy, then jumps her*
    Absol: *hops off Noctowl, and gives her body a shake, sending some dust tumbling off it.*
    Vern: *pats her on the back.* Good job, Absol.
    Obsidia: *Skids to a halt, breathing heavily* S-sure... I need to catch my breath... *Reverts back to her original form*
    [XD A toy candy machine, though, in this case, a toy berry machine for Pokémon - the berries not included, of course. :p]

    Caterpie quickly found out how to work the contraption, and entertained himself by pushing the pocket back in to reset the device before hitting at the small bar to get it running again. He squealed a bit in delight.
    *Sounds a bit like drunk*
    Stop complaining, the plane does not like it...

    [Also, sheep becoming edible.
    Makes sense, but it makes food easier to get.
    In memory of eating rotten flesh just because one of my favorite biomes(Extreme hills) had no realiable food source.
    Pre 1.8. Steve:
    Dies from hunger, millions of sheep around him.
    Oh well, deserts are now officially my favorite biome now.
    Taiga sucks, if I spawn there, I immediately delete the world]
    *Tries to fly in a straight line*

    [Not really, I'm eating aspirin like candy now.
    Because all that reading gave me a headache,(most notably the bug, command block and a few other sections)
    Yay for the first day of spring!]
    Ouch, it hurts in so many places, that I'll faint whilst trying to count...

    (Also just checked what minecraft 1.8. has...
    So many new things, it's getting confusing...
    Underwater generated structures, yus, been waiting eons for those!
    Super rare 2 hit kill murderous rabbits?
    Sign me up!)
    I already have Xenoblade but I might as well get the New 3DS since my old one's circle pad's, I guess, covering(?) ripped off. Thanks, Smash Bros! Still works though.

    I might get Smash 64 and either HarmoKnight or one of the Fluidity games. Along with some others that fall in 1190 coins.
    Downloaded the two free 3DS games JUST to get 10 extra coins. XP
    *Gets blinded by the light*
    What the...
    *Hits the lighthouse*
    I regret spreading mist here...
    *Still dizzy*
    Which side is which?
    I'm still seeing stars...
    Caterpie decided to stay where he was, just the thought of crawling any place else in the shop exhausting him to no end. He glanced about a bit, and blinked at some kind of contraption near him. He crawled to it and stretched up to sniff at it. "Pii?" He investigated the odd part sticking out of the hard plastic, then jumped back after accidently hitting and making it spin. The device rumbled and shook a bit before a small door opened and a little pocket poked out. Rolling into the pocket a moment later was a paper ball that read, 'imagine this is a berry'. Caterpie's eyes sparkled. "Piii~!" (Cooool~!)
    Okay, now jump!
    *Gets ready to fly faster than a jet*

    (I don't like crossovers.
    Oh no it's a creeper!
    As if random exploding Electrodes can't do the same role...)
    I've never seen any gameplay of the series, but I know it's a thing.

    If you have a Wii U, you could've had all three as a compilation for only 10 bucks. It's 20 now, but it's still a helluva deal for three full-on retail games.
    XD I wanna give my Pikachu Pizza, lol!

    Rufflet: Wait, Weedle!

    Weedle: *The crystal moves a little when his nose brushes on it*

    *A hole opens up behind the crystal*
    Rampage is also the name of a game where you also cause chaos in a city! But as MONSTERS!

    Yes, yes. I did Prime on Veteran/Normal mode but doing Echoes on Normal/Easy mode. Just to make it more bearable.
    There's a few things working against me (that I rushed it, and my GPA's well below the requirement, etc.) but we'll see.

    Aww yeah, stealing cars and beating up hookers. Online!
    I not-so-recently 100% the Trilogy version of Metroid Prime, both items and scans. First time I've done so for a Metroid game! Now working on the much harder sequel.
    Eh, not much. Other than my ceiling! :p Got back from a 4-5 month hiatus on this site on the day a test (that I more than likely failed) was happening and a portfolio review (that I more than likely failed) was ending its submission period.
    I try not to turn down FR, since it just seems rude. Unless it's Facebook :p So hai, yerself!

    Everyone should be born on April. Everyone.
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