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  • Vern: *Shakes his head.* Mom, I'm busy.
    Glailie: You can try. *smiles, devilishly.*
    *We are all at a fighting world tournament and I'm in the battle stage up against a boy who is wearing Munchlax clothing*

    Me: Hehehe so you wanna fight Davarian?

    Munchlax boy: No! I WELL BEAT YOU! BRUST! *transfroms to a anthro Munchlax*

    Me:.. Don't even need a full brust or even half. QUARTER BRUST! *just gets a huge Stoutland Mustache and ears, paws, and also clawa and tail.* :)<
    *You notice as Iiz walks a little ways off and speaks with an old woman with a faint tattoo of a hen, and Yol spins around with her arms out, grinning at you* So, where do you want to go first? *you glance behind her and see a variety of shops and stalls with goods. Three catch your eye: a stall selling weapons of all sorts, a stall selling various jewels and charms, and the largest building in the area, situated high in a tree with a winding staircase up, which you decide is a library or book shop*
    Sorry I'm taking so long. I've been neglecting my homework that's due tomorrow and today's set of the story is a bit complicated. Not for you guys of course, but there are a lot more choices which means I have to think of a lot more things and ways to write. You get lots of goodies :p However, I won't be able to finish them until I finish my homework. This is a promise I made to myself. It shouldn't take me a really long time, especially since the professors don't tend to give a big crap about this stuff, but I need to have at least something finished, even if it isn't high quality.
    Dat kan ook. Ik moet de muziek van de levels eens aanpassen. Sommige tracks zijn best leuk en anderen weer hartstikke kut. Het level van Yoshi's Woolly World bijvoorbeeld.
    Me: *sighs* We gotta find em! Who ever took em is gonna have to handle me! *pushes up shirt sleeves in anger* Let's find em...
    Haha it is fine, I was just confused and thought I hadn't finished or something ^^'
    Ria: Well, I think I'm going to contine. Those crab legs won't eat themselves! *digs into the legs and butter, placing the small cup on Night's side of the table*
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