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  • Me: *Justs looks at Zeel and punches his gut hard to the point he's sent flying off a bit and a scream more till I transfrom to a anthro Latios* HAAHAHHAHHA! NEVER SHOULD HAVE DUG YOUR OWN GRAVE! *I have a necklace with a mega stone on it and a mega ring* I CAN WIN! DAVARIAN IS THE STRONGEST THERE IS!

    Zoroark: OH NO! *trys to hug me* Remember me..

    Me:... GET OFF! *grabs her by the hair and throws her at a tree* HAHAHA MUTTS ARE FUN TO BEAT ON!
    (Yesh of course. I don't know where you got the character from though...)

    Ria: *is shooting the commercial that I'm going to skip cuz I can't think of anything, and finishes it, walking off the set* Send me the footage so I can edit it, and I'll send it in tomorrow to be used. I already wrote a check for enough to last the commercial a month. Come on Night! *she begins to walk out of the building*
    Hehe it's all going according to plan >:3

    Kashu: *strips bark off the tree* Oh!....right cut the tree *tries to paste the bark on*
    Me: *does't care I get chocked and just start screaming* AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! HAHAHA! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! *Pulls Zeel's hand off of my neck*

    Zoroark: Davarian! STOP! *Runs to me and grabs my arm and holds me*

    Me:... GET OFF! *shoves her off and a green and purple aura is fromed and my eyes turn white and my skin turns scaley* HAHAHAHA! Aaaaaaahhhh! *throws Zeel off of me and I shout and scream so loud it breaks trees and rocks around me and my body starts getting muscular* ROAR!
    Ria: Thanks, Night. I need to get a few things so just hang around. Grab a bite to eat if you want. The studio pays for it, so grab all you want. *Gestures to a buffet table piled with berries*
    (did you like the way that Ray whupped Zeel? >_<)

    Ria: Sorry that you can't be onscreen, Night, but you don't know the lines, and I just finished writing them last night. *stops to sign a few papers, then starts setting up the set* Mind helping me out, Night? Put that table in the middle of the set, and the lemonade on top of it.
    (Ray smacking him around a bit.)

    Ria: My birthday's in a week... and then it's officially mine. *they pull into the parking lot of the studio, and into a space, and take the commercial stuff out and inside* Hello? I'm here to shoot a commercial... yes, I'm serious. *pulls out the 1000 pokedollars* And I will be the only one onscreen. Now, where do we go?... studio 9? Thank you. *pulls the stuff along*
    (Depends. Did you like Ray's retaliation?)

    Ria: I mean the motorcycle... my dad said as soon as my birthday comes around, it's mine. No more bicycle...
    Ria: A personal favorite. *she rolls out of the driveway and starts speeding down the road towards the news studio half an hour away* Sweet ride, huh? B)
    You did great!! And it works out they both like to fight so it'll be like... who's the most determined to win xD

    Kashu: Holy smokes! I almost fell to my death there *pulls up with your help* oh man...*gasp* thanks o-o
    It's okay :3
    Yeah some conflict is what makes High School....High School! xD I think I want to have Kashu get into a fight sometime.

    Kashu: Now onward my fri- *a piece of the bridge breaks underneath me* ahh!!
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