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    Ria: Get ready... we leave in 15 minutes... enough time to eat. I laid out breakfast for you... *goes back to the kitchen to finish eating and packing their lunch*
    Ik ken die ja. Leuk liedje. Gelukkig vond die ouwe kontenbonker hem zelf ook leuk. Sportief van hem!
    Okee, dat kan ook. Heb net een paar keer tegen hem gespeeld maar we hebben allebei ongeveer evenveel gewonnen. Zaten leuke matches tussen, hij versloeg Bowser met Ganondorf maar ik versloeg Lucario met een homoseksuele Captain Falcon. Daarnaast hadden we ook een ''Pokémon gevecht'' met mijn Greninja tegen zijn Lucario op het level PKMN Stadium 2. En om af te sluiten Samus (Zeph) tegen Dark Samus (ik). Die won ik gelukkig allebei, vooral Greninja verraste me.
    We zullen de volgende keer wel eens vragen of Zeph met z'n drietjes wil spelen. Hebben we in het verleden al een keer gedaan en dat was nog best leuk. Eigenlijk moeten we dan gewoon voor de lol spelen, hazards en items aan.
    Me: HAHAHA! I trained her. My power level makes Regis and other legendarys shake. Zorua his power level is nothing compared to me. Feel my level now... It's low but you well see..

    Zoroark: *Read my level* HIS HIDDEN POWER!? WH-WHAT!? *looks at u* Son read.
    Zoroark:... Wow I won! AGAINST A LEGENDARY!? AHAHAHA! *holds you and spins around*

    Me:.... You won... Good job Zoroark. Knew you had that special fighting animal in you. *pulls hand out for a handshake for Zoroark*

    Zoroark: :) *quickly hugs me* I've never in my life knew I was this strong till you pushed me and trained me... It wasn't even your training really... It was your love and feelings that helped and moved me to train. I thank you for that.

    Me:.... Yo-you're welcome! :)
    Regirock: ..... *eyes light up and he covers his hole with his hand*... DOES NOT PROCESS THE ANSWER TOO THIS PROBLEM!? DOES NOT WORK!.... ERROR! ERROR!

    Zoroark: I show you a Error. LOW KICK! *She jumps up in the air then lays closes to Regirocks legs a sweeps his feet with her legs and he flys up in the air*

    Regirock:.... DRAIN PUNCH! *as his face is to Zoroarks hight he trys to punch her but she dissolves as she was a Illusion* WHAT!?

    Zoroark: *the real Zoroark comes out of a tree and lays down hard on Regirocks chest and breaking him wide open with a sucker punch plus the force of him in the air from the clones low kick*

    Regirock:.... SHUTTING DOWN! *eyes lights go out*

    Me:........ *claps* .......
    *Takes a sip or two*

    Death isn't what it was advertised, I was promised silence and darkness, not being a damn gemstone...

    [Stop throwing illusion food, it makes me feel hungry!]
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