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  • Ja als het kan. Maar hey er is toch vooruitgang? Je won in ieder geval van hem. Open jij een room? Dan kom ik er aan.
    Kashu: Doesn't hurt to try we can be the first to discover it. And then with it we could handle any Pokemon that comes at us!
    Kashu: Maybe we could be the first to discover your Mega Stone, *gasp* we'd be the superior explorers in history \o/
    Kashu: Okay! But you know with how hard that Scizor tried to take is down, you'd think the treasure be his Mega Stone or something.
    Kashu: Okay so after we cross the bridge we should probably head through the forest right? I bet there's stuff some explorers dropped. :D
    Regirock:.. BATTLE MODE..... *eyes turn red and voice deepens as he puts on his assault vest* ACTIVE!
    Zoroark: Aaaww that's cute. *does a back-flip away from all of us and does pulls her fist up*... Attack first rock head.

    Regirock:..... Stone Edge! *his makes a trail of stones get closer to Zoroark but she jumps on them at super light speed*

    Zoroark: *in Regirocks face* SUCKER PUNCH! *punches his gut and she actually opens a hole in him*

    Me and Regirock: WHAT!?
    Zoroark: So strong that I wanna fight anyone.

    Regirock:... *pops put of Duskball and turns too Zoroark with his eyes lights off*.......BBBZZZZEEETTT! *eyes light up*.... ANYONE!? CH-CH-CHA-CHALLENGE ME! *arms spin out of control*

    Zoroark: Hahaha ok weakling.
    Yeah, yeah, I was able to eat the world, so a cut of tea will be easy...

    *Out of sight*

    [No, you'll break the floor on purpose again...]
    It is ok, you didn't know! ^^ Hmm maybe he can plan to (nicely) tease her later in his thoughts? Or he could go make mischief at Vern and Vice? Or both, haha
    Regice: *lets you go*

    Zoroark: Yep! My attacks and speed are amazing! Plus my nature gives me a boost!

    Me: Hahaha she is ready for anything!
    Rinni is pretty high up, so not sure making her fall is a good idea lol. Besides, we already have it worked out how Rinni and Garth start talking
    Regice: She's gonna be strong young one.

    *Me and Zoroark walks in with her fur cut up and my clothing torn up and we just laugh*

    Zoroark: Should've seen how I took out the hoard of Zigzagoons!

    Me: Hahaha and you super training?! AMAZING!
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