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  • Amanda: And yet they still aren't opening. Did something put them to sleep? *peeks inside the keyhole* Hey, what... I see some kind of... knights with a... strange... mushroom thing?
    Ik mag het hopen van wel. Heb al een keer een waarschuwing gehad voor het vragen naar illegale Pokémon, een contrary Serperior, dus nu hij legaal te krijgen gaat zijn MOET ik er eentje hebben.
    Check dit dan!!

    In The Games Department
    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire -

    During todays episode of Pokémon Get☆TV, the serial code for the Contrary Serperior was revealed. This serial code is a shared code which can be used by multiple people rather than the one-time use serial codes of other events. This code cannot be redeemed until January 9th 2015 but can then be redeemed all the way up to November 30th 2015. The code is POKEMON497.
    Ria: Yeah.. same here, but at least i have a brother. And he's a pain most of the time... *starts eating* Wow... still just as good as always. Hold on, I forgot to get a salad. *walks to the salad bar, and comes back soon with a salad with bacon, lettuce, croutons, and pepperoni* Looks good. *eats the salad, then gets up* I'll be right back. *leaves for the bathroom*
    Ray: Thanks for the tip! *Tucks it away* If there's anything you need, I'll be around. I got promoted to VIP waiter last week, so I get improved pay, but it's still not much. See ya! *walks away*
    Ria: So how have you been?
    Ria: Pretty good... except for that kind of big hole where you would be... and now that's pretty much filled. *smiles*
    Ray: *Returns with the food and drinks* Here you go. That steak has our special fiery blend, with Cheri berries, Leppa berries, Figy, Razz, Pomeg, Tamato, Spelon, Liechi, Lansat, and Custap berries. So pretty much every spicy bery known in the world.
    Niko: Here would be best.

    OOC: I kinda messed up in this RP. The girl Niko was referring to has already escaped with Niko's other friend.
    Zo, ik heb een account aangemaakt op Smashboards. Nu afwachten op goedkeuring van de admins. Het invullen van mains was makkelijk, in de eerste drie Smash games was mijn main Mario, nu is dat vooral Bowser.
    Ik doe niet aan online toernooien. Ben je gelijk vanalles verplicht enzo. Nee ik zoek dan gewoon potjes Smash zoals wij ze hebben. Het liefst tegen Nederlanders, het lijkt soms alsof het competitieve niveau in ons land niet zo hoog ligt als ergens anders. Zeker als je met Bowser kan winnen van ZS Samus, Sonic en Greninja tegelijk.
    Kan jj me dan de link naar dat Smash forum geven? Wil het die gasten wel eens dun door de broek laten lopen met wat potjes Smash, net als op Firstlook 2014.. >=]
    Ray: Yep... its not much, but I should have enough money to get everything I need to start my PokeTube channel in about... 5 months. But anyways, back to my actual job... what do you guys want?
    Ria: I want brown sugar glazed pinap berries with cheri berry chicken, and a Pepsi.
    Ray: Okay... and you, Night?

    (He evolved into a Luxray)
    The day that was supposed to be full of gifts was as empty as the endless void...
    Why do you think we are going to fall for that again?
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