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  • Either you missed me, or I play Leafster's part so badly that you decide to ignore me.

    But really, I don't really know what to do with his personality and stuff...
    I like Foxy because it is cute. I hate the new (though technically old) Chicka. She looks like a *insert rude word for dirty girl*. She looked much creepier without that stupid tiny shirt
    *4 years later*

    Ria: *now a Lucario* I can't believe I can finally go on a date with Night...
    Luke: Now, nothing funny.
    Ria: Of course not, daddy. I love you. Bye! *calls out* Bye Mom! *grabs purse and starts driving to Night's house, listening to some music* I used to rule the world...seas would rise when I gave the word..

    ("Viva la vida" by Coldplay. :D)
    Caterpie straightened up a bit more. "Pi!" (I'll do my best!)

    Ayumi raised an eyebrow. "Okay then," she said. "I'm looking forward to seeing this one..."

    Sneasel shrugged. "Sneasel? Sneasel." (When you're not trying to kill or torture me? Sure.)
    Niko: *Looks up at Isléta and smiles sadly* I wish I could help you find out about your family... But I can't. There are others who depend on me and the only reason I'm out here is to train and control myself.
    Beetje jammer dat je om een time-out vraagt en dan zonder waarschuwing weer verder speelt. Dat was niet grappig.
    Oh die. Die heb ik hier twee liggen, gebruik ik eigenlijk alleen voor Mario Party 2 op de Wii's Virtual Console. Top, tot over een dikke 10 minuten.
    PDP Fight Pad zegt me helemaal niks. Ik ben nu toch al bijna gewend aan de Gamepad van de Wii U dus is het geen enorme ramp. Goed, om half 9. Ga jij hosten?
    Genoeg Amiibo zo te zien. Ik zit zelf nog te wachten op Bowser en Charizard haha. Wil je vanavond Smashen? Ik voel me eigenlijk al wel wat beter.
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