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Recent content by Trinx

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    Halo 2 Vista

    There are some points why they should get Halo 2 Vista. 1. No bloody matchmaker, but instead, a server list like Halo PC. 2. Unlimited user-created content and custom maps with the Halo 2 HEK. 3. No magnetism or large hitboxes. Number 3 for me wouldn't be enough to persuade me to get it if I...
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    Halo 2 Vista

    Personally, I believe that the Map Maker will be the overall success for sales (of course along with the mouse and keyboard element). The release of the Halo Editing Kit for Custom Edition by Gearbox was a good step to take, but it would have been better if it was integrated as a patch for Halo...
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    Halo 2 Vista

    Since it'll be coming out in a few months (Spring, to be specific), I've decided to start a discussion topic. As many know, it will also have a map-maker, which, in my opinion, will be a step in the right direction, as the user-created content feature will actually be included in the main game...
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    Trinx's First Halo Montage Preview

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6932467739175418717 Edit: FileFront: http://files.filefront.com/TrinxMontagePreviewwmv/;6090723;;/fileinfo.html Yes, I know the quality is crap, blame Google Video for crapping it up, :\. I'll shortly add the file to Filefront so you can download it...
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    Games you think are overrated

    I do agree, however, that Halo 2 is mainly just about filling the enemies with lead, due to the extreme unbalance of weapons. Halo 1 was what I was on about, which defeats your "bigger, powerful weapon" statement because it is possible to kill anyone who has a Fuel Rod Gun(PC only) or a Rocket...
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    Games you think are overrated

    The thing different about Halo from other FPS's is the great ideas incorporated into the gameplay, I believe. Such as the shields, two weapons only, etc, there's much more to Halo than just spraying bullets at everything infront of you. It involves stategy, precision, etc, ideas that many FPS's...
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    Official 'Claim Your Favorite Video Game' Topic

    Halo Custom Edition (PC) claimed by Trinx. (For those of you wondering, it is a standalone, custom version of Halo PC.)
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    Official Unofficial Halo 3 Discussion/Speculation Thread!

    Personally, I think that Halo 2 was bleh, because it was rushed, but there was also unbalanced weapons, making it easy for any person who's barely played it to blow away a seasoned veteran to the game, that's why I prefer Halo CE (moreorso Custom Edition for the PC and just the PC/Xbox version)...
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    Chapter 5: Nice, description that fits nicely along with the flow, and that I can follow along with, but some excess in some places. But, overall, nice chapter, now write that fic :0.
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    Creepiest/Scariest/disturbing enemy you've ever faced...

    Game: Halo Monster:Flood Infection Forms: Type: Scary Going through campaign for the first time, (I also have this phobia of spiders, which was which these things looked just about) when I got to the level that introduced these, I was scared almost to not finishing it, pathetically as it...
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    Hog Launching:TSC

    Eh, I could probably do that, but I didn't plant that many nades, =\.
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    Hog Launching:TSC

    This is a little Halo Custom Edition video I made when I was bored, it has very basic effects, I think, but gets the job done. Music by Power Man 5000. Created/Edited/Directed by me. Link: Directly - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D44YTi4WN4I Download -...
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    Funny things on the net

    I hope anyone has not posted this yet, but... Halo 2 Sleeper *Warning*:Has swearing, so don't watch if you are offended by some swears.
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    Purpose Intro/Trailer

    This is a trailer/intro for a new series I'm directing. I'm titling this movie "Purpose", and am planning to use this intro as the one for the first episode. (For the episodes after that, I'm just cutting it all out except for the characters part). Well, hope you enjoy it, oh, and before you...
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    Rebooting Issue with Halo CE

    (If this thread doesn't belong here, please move it). Whenever I try to load a select few Halo CE Maps (such as Coldgulch, Floodfest 1/2, Wingzero, HC Hangar, Snowing, H2 InnerPoa, etc), after it displays 'Connected to Server. Loading Map [whatevermap]' my computer reboots, not able to enter...