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  • Okay I will when I have something you don't have, after that Swirlix cause its one of my favorite new Pokémon when it evolves :) your list says your after shiny Chespin and its evos, is that just if its a different iv spread and nature / egg moves?
    Okay gotcha, almost every, or every, 5-6iv kalos bred shiny is already cloned, the aegislash I offered because your Honedge is 3lV that's all, oh well, hope I can make a trade with you in the future
    Whatda mean by a "dupe"? Also, don't happen to possibily be interested in a 5IV Brave lv100 male shiny Aegislash, Shadow Claw, Sacred Sword, Substitute, Kings Shield, 252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Def the imperfect iv is speed, its not 0 is all I know about its speed iv
    Would you be interested in a kalos bred shiny sylveon egg move wish, its female but touched and nicknamed Happy timid nature and can be ev wiped
    Ok, I know you want Nickname able shinies, and the only ones... are.. Crawdaunt, Alomomola, Quilfish, Basculen, Panpour, Jynx (Although I have some shinies that are already nicknamed.
    I'm interested in your shiny multi IV Fletchling
    I can offer 5IV Calm Gooey Goomy and 5IV Impish Immunity Gligar and maybe a custom IV bred pokemon for it aswell
    I'm upset cuz I hade trade to make and I was being fair and keeping the damm thing for you. If you want to be a r-tard then do so elsewhere. And btw I'm stating a fact and letting you know that I've held on to a goodra for a kid who pledged and begged me to trade it to him, that he(you) would do anything etc usuall crying kids stuff and here I am feeling bad for you because I was sure you where slow and whatnot so I held it waiting for you to get something better than a ivysaur whose stats you could not properly read so I could make some little ***** like you happy and once I hit you up again and you get all but hurt because I didn't want ur P.O.S ivysaur so yah I hope you find what ur looking for but other than that have fun! Soon I'll have pokebank and will deny you trades because you the first dumb P.O.S I'm personally blacklisting you dumb ****
    I've tried contacting you, you incredibly rude donkey, never one did I ever threaten you, again maybe English is hard for someone like you to understand but knowing the difference between I have more than one f'ing offer and a threat is something that's passed you by,
    Since I've offerd it to you 1. I've held it for you 2. I've bugged a friend to rename it for something so ungrateful and rude as you 3. and now you've helped me cancel trades I would have made 4. So I hope you really do find happiness in that hand you call trixie and never waste my f'ing time again. You can go shove it for all I care and the next time you insinuate that I make threats I will go and find a mod, to make sure such large claims can be fully explaind to you and if you don't get it then I'll go and send you a dictionary and read it to you since someone with your iq might not be able to read. Donkey.
    You know how you're always talking about being polite and all that jazz, well I find it rude to not respond especially if I'm trying to get another person involved to get you something nicknamed. Again and only one last time will I ask or hold the shiny goodra; what. Nickname.do.you.want.it.to.have. If you don't reply in 5mins I'm trading the goodra to someone else. So I hope you a good night sir and hope that you will find what you want.
    Hmm. I have no shinies. But I really want to keep my egg move Pokemon :(

    Can you wait until I transport my shiny Pokemon from my Black 2 over?
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