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May 26, 2012
Feb 29, 2012
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The Mountains
Dark Hand to the Forgotten.

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The Renegade, from The Mountains

TrollsterInc was last seen:
May 26, 2012
    1. sizida
      hmm i dun know there are times i prefer to hear the truth than the government keeping secrets. anyway i do believe every government has secrets, until the ex-members of parliaments spread the issue in the internet and everyone knows. yeah newspaper here is under pro government, people can't always depend on newspaper for news now.

      yeah but expect nothing is kind of difficult to achieve isn't it? though it is possible that when you expect something that is low in value, but end up that something is beyond your expectations and it is within your reach. i think that what makes life interesting~

      funeral director? i never heard of it. is it something do with burying the dead that kind of service?
    2. sizida
      always been like this in where i stay...

      yeah but that doesn't mean you like to live it that way. there are times best not to think it realistically.

      what kind of job are you pursuing?
    3. sizida
      lol interfere with other people's happiness always happening. such as the government. -_-

      if you could think positively is a form of happiness.

      maybe because you are too lazy to search a job vigorously!

      who doesn't have shitty days lol. it can be from a small matter~
    4. sizida
      lol! well does that means something must change in the society? to me i guess being happy is in a world without money. what do you think?

      go and get a job so you will be...bored when working but at least you get income~

      oh that is.... well it is better not to drink too often. due to my sports, i only able to drink rarely (on days i have break).
    5. sizida
      i mean joyous types. and not referring to those who aren't are depressing folks!

      just staring at this forum and bored to sleep? LOL. actually no it is night time for me and i am about to go to bed~ do you drink alcohol while slouching on a chair?

      and nah he never refuses my challenge~. he knows i always use sulky stats pokemon but because i have sweet skills in using them for battle~
    6. sizida
      even so i rarely seen happy men here...

      it is kind of sad.

      anyway so whatcha doing now then? at his house? XD
    7. sizida
      singapore. alot of people thinks i am from japan cause i love to use japanese pokemon~

      nowadays he disconnect on me as he foresee he is gonna lose bad. sigh~ maybe i should use Little Cup tier against him again?

      like gay can means happy man haha!
    8. sizida
      LOL. and all the demons there as well -_- i don't stay in japan mind you haha!

      because i beat him most of the time? he is not happy for sure...

      so that is gay!
    9. sizida
      hmm. so my country is pretty adamant? LOL.

      really? oh no. uh if syrus is reading this he may have different opinion of me.

      lol i mean you guys get along well.
    10. sizida
      sweet! though right now is cold right?

      we always battle each other! but mostly one sided win...

      eew. really? he is very strict?
    11. sizida
      so you mean you have to drop by at his house?

      LOL. gay party XD
    12. sizida
      geez you are lucky to be thin...and fat haha!

      oh yes what's bring you here? you don't battle at all right?
    13. sizida
      yup. USED ONES.

      lol yeah! gross.

      but how can you be so lazy? you don't need to work for money?
    14. sizida

      you can be lazy and still breed pokemon! like i am breeding when i aren't battling. stare at tv and this forum when doing so lol.
    15. sizida
      lol you should see what they sell in japan.


      introduce myself? I only can say that I do not know how to troll well and certainly won't want to try. a 4th gen doubles battler, trader and breeder. and a lazy bum as i am not serious in anything unless needed to.
    16. sizida
      lol i mean in that game. it is a form of power. haha. and people said that hand of his comes from the gods. it is a dumb plot so don't mind it!

      wow that is uh surreal. LOL.
    17. sizida
      LOL. you know i can't do that.

      He has the power of a god to slap that fast! haha!

      nice to meet you troll. i heard from Syrus that you troll very good! lol.
    18. sizida
    19. Syrus
      Oh is it not working? XD Bloody Mark Zuckerberg. How's you anyways?

      - Syrus
    20. Syrus
      If that's even possible.


      - Syrus
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    The Mountains
    Dark Hand to the Forgotten.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Strange and retro, now successfully dragged into the modern age.

    Films, games, and making fanboys cry.


    Heart Gold FC;

    4427 6152 1089

    I am nothing but dust in the wind...the whisper in the silence of night...the troll of a thousand fanboys...the Master of Puppets...
    Dance, little puppets, and feed me your lulz.