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  • Well hopefully the months go by fast for you my game is suppose to deliver at my house on Monday by 12:00 Pm
    Yeah... the candle one is cool, but my fav is the Electric Zebra Unicorn. Best. Pokemon. Ever. ... Besides Quilava, of course. ^_^
    Not yet I'm hoping I get it sometime next week though thats when I'm expecting the game to come so hopefully.
    You mean the candle one? I hope so too. Maybe they'll make it bigger than they usually do... I mean, the Old Chateau was alright, but I wish there was more to do in it...
    Haha... well, I'm taking some AP (Advanced Placement) courses this year... they're like college-level courses, but if you do them in high school, you don't have to take the course in college. So... it's a lot of work, but it's easier than it might be. ^_^

    Hmm... maybe I'm still obsessed with Heart Gold and Soul Silver, but I'm not really excited about some of the 5th geners. Though I do like the Electric Zebra Unicorn. And the puppy. And Zorua. And Victini. And that reindeer and the bull with an afro... heck, I like the 5th gen. Pokemon ^_^
    Sorry I didn't respond sooner... school. :p

    Yeah, homework's been killing me. I'll try to finish proofreading the chapter you sent this weekend... and I'm really sorry for how long it's taking me. x_X
    I know right! Man even the regional bug is pretty strong a lot of the pokemon seem over powered but I'm not complaining about that. Since there is a lot of strong pokemon to use
    Your telling me I love Gen V! The pokemon designs are great very creative I'm just surprised the Pseudo Legendary doesn't evolve until level 50 and it's final form is 64 holy crap... Remember when Dex said Kibago and Ononokusu weren't related well they are lol
    Oh wait a second... No they can't event only pokemon wow that sucks so much I might not ever get a Zoroark I wanted to use one too I'll just settle for Choroneko.
    Yeah I just saw them the new pokemon look awesome I love Futachimaru. All the other pokemon are really cool too Ononkusu that new Cat Doryuuzu man I can't wait until the games come out. Also Zorua and Zoroark can be obtained outside of events YES!
    Well its okay, I never heard anything about Cows with beautiful eyes though.
    Water/Ice or Water/Psychic even though I wanted Water/Fighting.
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