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Feb 26, 2020 at 4:41 AM
Nov 21, 2011
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Feb 20, 1992 (Age: 28)
Funky Forest

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Victory Star!, Male, 28, from Funky Forest

How come there are no RPs rated G anywhere? What, are you people allergic to things suitable for all ages? Dec 9, 2019

TrottingMinccino was last seen:
Viewing forum The Unknown Chronicles, Feb 26, 2020 at 4:41 AM
    1. LadyTriox
      Well, my dog's tail got stuck in a door today :( That REALLY scared me. We're still watching him, making sure he's okay. I love my dog so much...

      I was crying over it. Luckily, my love for korrina has helped calm me down over it overall :) In fact, i felt really happy when i did some drawings of her with her lucario^^ it made me think of the happy times i had with my own dog, and it helped me not feel sad or worried anymore. I think lucario may really be my favorite pokemon right now, due to those drawings^^ and of course, korrina.....:333 my true love <3 would marry her if i could o.o;;; even in daydreams, i hessatate. Personal reasons. Nothing about her being a same sex crush though. That doesn't make me want to be with her any less at all :)

      Yeah, after this sends in i'm setting lucario to my favorite pokemon on here^^
    2. LadyTriox
      I'm doing wonderful^^

      Being in love with Korrina helps a lot^^ it really does make a difference for me :)
    3. spyrois2cool
      [IMG] Rocky: But...I want him to come! We’re already organized!

      Me: Oh that was just Fang the Salamence. He caught a cold yesterday...after Wyldfire froze him in a chunk of ice...


      [IMG] Blade: *he growls, and prepares an attack* Leaf Blade, Razor Leaf, Bullet Seed, Solar Beam Giga Drain...yeah...you probably don’t want that. But since you asked for it... *he suddenly lets loose Bullet Seed, rather than directly attacking with Leaf Blade*
    4. spyrois2cool
      [IMG] Rocky: But Mommy! The more the merrier!

      Me: Straight to the point huh...well today is Sunday, which is normally our day to relax. Unless you wanna actually stay here and help...keep an eye on things, then you can relax.

      *over in another room, a rather loud sneeze was heard*


      [IMG] Blade: And just what does that have to do with anything? What do you mean? And for your information, it isn’t slacking off! It’s merely a relaxation day! Course not everyone takes it off. Take Char for example! That Charizard never takes a day off! He’s always working hard and pulling his weight! Now...I’m assuming you don’t wanna mess with me...given our type matchup, you’re pretty much an easy opponent!
    5. spyrois2cool
      [IMG] Rocky: But mommy! I want him to come with us! *his tail wags happily*

      Me: I sure am here! But I’m just about to leave myself. Made a promise to spend quality time with Blitz every Sunday! The cutest Pokémon ever!!!


      [IMG] Blade: Name’s Blade! And I’m practically in charge of Team Elite! Leader of the small team, Guildmaster Cory gave me the scouter! I sent myself out here when Flip here called Dora, one our brand new members of the Guild! Now...what are you doing here?
    6. spyrois2cool
      [IMG] Dusty: Indeed it is! But you’ll have to speak to Cory. We’re heading out on an Exploration to Dusty Desert right now.
      [IMG] Rocky: *he barks happily like a “typical” canine would, barking at Brody* Come with us come with us!
      [IMG] Aero: *he just sighs heavily* That kid is gonna be a claw-ful...
      [IMG] Char: Well bringing him was initially your idea, so...yeah.


      [IMG] Blade: HEY! You leave that poor Emolga alone! *he shouted. His Yellow scouter seemed a lot like the one Drake and Wyldfire wore...*
    7. spyrois2cool
      [IMG] Rocky: *he yips happily, enjoying the praise*

      [IMG] Dusty: *she opens the door to see who it was*

      Me: Yeah...who could it possibly be? Other than maybe Mudston...


      [IMG] Blade: *he didn’t seem to hear Dudley mice for some reason, his mind running several thoughts on who Dudley was talking about* Hmm...

      (Say! Weren’t we gonna have a Mudsdale join the guild? Along with many more members?)
    8. spyrois2cool
      (I see. Well I’m glad that I made it special with that video! ^^^^)

      [IMG] Rocky: Yes Mommy. *he hugs and nuzzles her chest, tail wagging happily*
      [IMG] Dusty: Well...off to Dusty Desert! Let’s go! *she’s about to head out the door*
      [IMG] Char: Affirmative! *he follows her*
      [IMG] Aero: Finally!

      Me: *smiles* And I’ll be heading to the park with Blitz now!


      [IMG] Blade: Who is he talking about? *he walked nearby, his footsteps were kind of loud though* Hmm...

      (Dudley has...a Yellow scouter let’s say? Lol!!!)
    9. spyrois2cool
      (So...how was your happy birthday? What all did you get? What made your day special? What was the best gift or favorite gift or event?)
    10. LadyTriox
      Me and korrina complete each other. Girls that are reasonably different can totally be best friends!....and lovers.

      I'd say my old jirachi themed name, but, meh, i have my reasons against it i rather not get into.
    11. LadyTriox
      Oh and happy birthday 8D
    12. LadyTriox
      I was kind of named after him in the past, to be honest. My old online username was kind of a pun on his name lol

      Still use that username on my new pokemon forum about korrina, but with the word 'Lady' at the beginning, to comment on my fandom towards korrina (who's title is 'lady korrina' in the x and y games. not sure how many people other than me kept a mental note on that though :P reason behind the 'lady' in my name on this forum too)

      Korrina's not quite as lady-like as i am though. seems pretty tomboyish, at least in x and y's games, anyways. obsessed with roller skating in the games, seriously into pokemon battles in the anime. yeeeah.....i'm like more the 'proper lady' type, myself, though. :P i'm quite girly, try to mind my manners a lot, and i cannot stand filth....

      I guess i'm like a korrina pun, in place of jirachi one, now xD I sure know how to pun my favorite characters? :P hahaha~
    13. LadyTriox
      JIRACHI <33333

      serious old favorite of mine. the nostalgia makes me quite peppy! glad i clicked your profile! :3
    14. spyrois2cool
      (Really? I’m so glad it’s the best!)

      [IMG] Rocky: Yay! *he jumps around happily*
      [IMG] Dusty: Yes you all shall!


      [IMG] Blade: *he kept following Dudley, trying to stay hidden*
    15. Ascended Dialga
      Ascended Dialga
      Happy birthday!
    16. spyrois2cool
      Hey! Happy birthday!!!! Hugs and presents and glomps and cake and ice cream and fudge and pie and other tasty stuff and fun for everyone! And RPing Time!!!!!!!! YAYZ! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYZ!!!!

    17. Wolfaotic
      Happy day of your birthing!
    18. spyrois2cool
      (AWW! I want her! I WANT HER I WANT HER I WANT HER!!! Here’s something they should do! For teams, let us pick characters for our teams, including multiple colored Yoshis! I’d so love that! Oh! And another thing...get EVERY course from EVERY single MK game EVER! As DLC Of course! ^^ Nintendo can do that, right? That alone would be awesome! Oh! And maybe custom designs for on our karts or something! Just have that stuff, and I’m pretty much good...

      Yeah...I noticed that...The special circuit kart is...Orange for pink characters and stuff. It’s so weird...So cringy to see...

      Maybe...but I see

      Ugh. Discord. I guess I could use it. But I try to avoid it nowadays...for some reason...gimme yours or I’ll give you mine? We can still use it.

      Okay then. That sounds like a good idea. In a few posts though. Gonna have everyone else depart and stuff. Besides, we need to not skip anything with Blade and Dudley. You could have Dudley interfere with Blade if you want...hehe!

      Hmm.......anything else? Hmm...anthros? Decided yet?)
    19. spyrois2cool
      (Okay then. Let's keep RPing! This is still very fun for me!

      Yup! Just got it now! Well, around 1-3 that is. Got home at 5. Hehe! But why no pink or red Karts? or grey for Dry Bones? And where's Birdo?!?!?!

      Anyways, we could! as long as I can be online for free. And that won't happen much...I still need a little practice. Dynamics and stuff were updated. Hard to steer!)

      [IMG] Rocky: *he just smiles* Come on! Let's go!!!
      [IMG] Aero: Alright. Let's get going. I dunno how much longer Rocky can take...

      [IMG] Soul: Serene and I better get going t- *he looks at the clock and gasps* SWEET MOTHER OF ARCEUS! MY RESTAURANT!!!! *he immediately darts out, Serene following him with a heavy sigh*

      [IMG] Yeno: *he chuckles and sighs himself* Well...Should we get going too?


      [IMG] Blade: *he follows Dudley, trying not to act too suspicious, his twig still in his mouth. He seems to try and stay out of sighs, noticing Flip, but paying him little attention for the time being*

      (Okay then. Maybe...Princess Ember? but that's a name taken by...let's just say a sexy vulpix I've seen. Hmm...Kindle? No...taken by an Arcanine I have...sort of. lol. Hmm............

      Okay then...I think I'll head back to using my loyal Mightyena one! Woof!

      Also, Do you have a Skype or something?)
    20. spyrois2cool
      (Hey! Is something wrong?

      Could we maybe find an IM like Skype to brainstorm ideas and chat and stuff? Come up with names and I could show you more pics maybe. Lol!)
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    Feb 20, 1992 (Age: 28)
    Funky Forest
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