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Feb 28, 2020 at 11:50 AM
Nov 21, 2011
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Feb 20, 1992 (Age: 28)
Funky Forest

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Victory Star!, Male, 28, from Funky Forest

How come there are no RPs rated G anywhere? What, are you people allergic to things suitable for all ages? Dec 9, 2019

TrottingMinccino was last seen:
Viewing forum The Unknown Chronicles, Feb 28, 2020 at 11:50 AM
    1. spyrois2cool
      [IMG] Rocky: Yay! Yay! *he hops around happily, tail wagging as he then pounces her playfully* Let's go let's go!!!
      [IMG] Aero: Geez kid...calm down already!
      [IMG] Dusty: Let's go and retrieve as much as we possibly can! Unless Momo wants to come along!

      Me: No Dusty...your team is already large enough.
      [IMG] Dusty: Oh alright. *she smiles*
      [IMG] Char: *he chuckles* Well... *he puts on a satchel or two...then some more*
      [IMG] Draco: *he does the same thing*


      *Blade had already been nearby, wearing a yellow scouter it seemed. He leaned back against a stone pillar, with a twig in his mouth, though he could be suspicious, as he was wearing a scouter, symbolizing that he was most likely on Team Pokepals, or at least assosiated with them.*

      [IMG] Blade: I think I see him already, sitting on that bench...

      (Maybe! A female Vulpix though...if you wanna do so, go ahead! I'll be infatuated when I see her...you know I love cute things!!! Hehe! I have maybe a little idea...but make her...maybe shy or something? She hasn't seen anyone ever since the kingdom fell...so...
      Let's Namestorm for her!

      ANd okay then. Just making sure! Bottles for cuties it is then!

      What else...Oh! A ton of explorer bags for each member going to Dusty Desert! lol! what else was I gonna say or ask!?!?
      Oh yeah! What should I change my avatar back to? A summermon? My mightyena one? Or maybe something else? Mew?)
    2. LadyTriox
      Yep. There is another member here with a korrina avatar (you'll see her posts on my vms in you look :P), but she doesn't seem infatuated with the girl like i am.
    3. LadyTriox
      Of course it was :3 Who else do you know online who has a major obsession with korrina like that? XD
    4. LadyTriox
    5. spyrois2cool
      [IMG] Char: Seems that way! Dora? Rocky? You ready to depart?

      [IMG] Rocky: But you can get any ringtone on your scouter! Sentimental items are valued but it doesn’t have to serve other purposes!
      [IMG] Char: ROCKY!!
      [IMG] Rocky: I’m ready! You ready Mama? Huh huh huh?! Let’s go!

      (So some Qs:
      I was thinking maybe having a [female] Vulpix at the ruins of the Canine Kingdom. She’d be the daughter of the king and queen or something...the Queen was a Ninetales after all! However...controlling her...that’s another thing. Maybe you possibly could? She most likely would never take off her own armor...

      And...what are your thoughts on...females feeding young their milk? Doesn’t have to be...you know...)
    6. spyrois2cool
      [IMG] Char: Alright...

      [IMG] Rocky: Few hours?! I thought he'd be here in a few minutes...you said so...
      [IMG] Char: Also, we were doing our Are-You-Ready-Rollcall.

      Me: Oh, so is that what we're calling it now?
      [IMG] Char: You got a better idea?

      Me: Well no...but...
      [IMG] Char: Then that's what we're calling it!
      [IMG] Blake: I know!

      Me: What?
      [IMG] Blake: Why don't you just use another one of your stupid puns!?

      Me: BLAKE!
      [IMG] Blake: What? It's true! Your puns are terrible! Except for that Bewear one...

      Me: I didn't even understand that one! "beware" is just a word!
      [IMG] Dusty: Guys, quit arguing. We need to head out now.

      [IMG] Aura-Cario: Dora, you should probably start using your scouter instead of an old phone...
    7. spyrois2cool
      [IMG] Char: You think?

      Me: That reminds me...I haven't actually set foot in a dungeon in a while...I probably should learn these new ways...but not today, I'll do that tomorrow. Cuz I got the cutest thing ever I'm spending time with.
      [IMG] Blitz: *he just hugs me tightly* Dada!
      [IMG] Aura-Cario: Still...I think that sounds like...a bad idea...

      Me: You worry too much! If any trouble did happen to come my way, I'd be able to take care of it easily!
      [IMG] Aura-Cario: If you say so...

      [IMG] Rocky: Oh? Get him get him get him!!! We'd be proud to even bring him along to Dusty Desert, right mama?

      Me: I certainly would accept him. As long as...he isn't like Surge...
      [IMG] Char: You mean Lieutenant Surge?

      Me: Yeah. Whatever...

    8. spyrois2cool
      [IMG] Char: Cory sure did!

      [IMG] Rocky: Oh? Who who who who? Tell me tell me tell me tell me! *his tail wags at like...90 miles an hour. He seems to be extremely excited*

      Me: Well...at least he has the Team Pokepals spirit...

      (Pretend you never heard this...Drake isn't the true "boss" of the...enemies lets call them. There's other "partner" Mew as well. Harvick and Darius! Technically, Darius is the boss of these 3, but Drake tends to...lers just say abuse his power. Pretty much anyone lower then...Lux the Luxray, is practically just a "minion" or a pawn or something like that. But that's all................or is it? Dun dun dun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    9. spyrois2cool
      [IMG] Bolt: O-okay.

      [IMG] Char: He's a Swampurt on the police force. He'll be joining us today and for the time that Fang has a cold.

      [IMG] Rocky: *he paws at the phone* What about a scouter Flippy? Huh? Join us! Join us!!!

      [IMG] Blake: Again with the puns!!! Stop it!!!
    10. spyrois2cool
      [IMG] Bolt: Yeah?

      [IMG] Rocky: *he giggles and climbs some more* Mama! Who you talking to? Huh!? Tell me!

      [IMG] Yeno: *he just chuckles at Rocky's behavior*

      [IMG] Draco: Now, why do you suppose Dudley is hanging around there?
      [IMG] Blade: Doesn't matter. I'll go confront him myself.
      [IMG] Blake: You sure about that?
      [IMG] Blade: Yes. Or...I'll at least be on standby. Hopefully I don't look too suspicious to him... *he put a twig of some kind in his mouth* *he grabs a cinnamon bun or two...actually he grabbed several, and headed off*
    11. spyrois2cool
      [IMG] Bolt: You think so? *he blushes some*

      [IMG] Dusty: Well...is everyone ready?
      [IMG] Char: I am!
      [IMG] Draco: I'm always ready!
      [IMG] Aero: I sure am!
      [IMG] Dusty! Good! Dora? Rocky?

      [IMG] Rocky: *he then playfully hops onto Dora's snout* Who talking to mommy? Huh?

      Me: Do they wanna join? We do accept all members, no matter how small! *I chuckle as if I somehow know who and what Dora was talking to...*
      [IMG] Char: Oh! We need to get Mudston! *he easily didn't seem to be bothered by my comment, then again, none of the veteran members did either...*
    12. LadyTriox
      Oh, alright :P Gotcha.

      I may go sleep soon. Pulled an all nighter due to insomnia and now feel ill...
    13. LadyTriox
      You also like the same gender? Awww *hug's you* :)
    14. LadyTriox
    15. Aposteriori
      Doing fine, How are things going on your end?
    16. LadyTriox
      I guess. Its made things hard for me though....like stereo type issues :(
    17. LadyTriox
    18. LadyTriox
      Whats your favorite color?
    19. LadyTriox
      Oh alright. Cuz i'm ready for gen 7 battles more now :3 finally xD
    20. LadyTriox
      Hey :)

      You know....if you're okay with the gen 7 games more now, i could battle you with ultra moon.

      I have a much cooler team on there than i did on sun with less move set mistakes :)
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    Feb 20, 1992 (Age: 28)
    Funky Forest
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    Switch FC: SW-6679-9985-0859.

    [​IMG] Reading, writing, gaming...what's the point of putting in work if you're not having fun?[​IMG]