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  • Lets NOT have a pokemon battle right now. Okay?

    (APRIL FOOLS! XD I wanna battle you D: )
    (also happy easter)
    (I need the tag. The number after your username? Otherwise I can’t add you. Like mine is spyrois2cool#9207 ! Copy and paste!)
    (Ah. Okay. Gimme your discord and we can start chatting there right away! I love chatting and the RP gets in the way of that! Lol!)
    (Hello again! The upgrade will be taking place very soon! But I don’t think we’ll be able to RP or anything like that while it happens. So do you have a Discord or Skype to use? Not RP, but just chat. That way, we can talk about our RP and discuss things. Like future characters and events to happen and stuff. And to just jot down notes. Another reason, to more easily organize online play. We should go more rounds on Smash before the 5th one comes out to the Switch. Think you’ve improved since our last encounter? Then go up against me and Super Ness! (I love that clever name!) And there’s races we can always do on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! Heheheh!)
    Awesome! :D I usually use the 4th tune, the gym battle one :p If you haven't guessed as soon as you read that, I use that tune because it sound's a lot like the Korrina Successor Battle tune. lol

    And thanks. I'll remember that next time i battle you :p

    My battery doesn't need charging yet, so we could battle again later today, if you like, as long as I don't diside to play crystal or something later lol
    I know after awhile you got too hard for me, which may of been part of why i haven't been battling you in awhile xD

    Also, i have a funny comment to make on today's battle.

    I tried to use the rival tune as my battle tune this time, and ended up using the.....wild battle tune instead xD Made me laugh, that did.

    What tune did you use for the match?
    I won again :p This time, you faught a bit harder. I liked that. Thanks for such a fun match! :D
    Alright, we can battle, but my handheld battery is starting to run low a little now. I battled raichu this morning too lol

    Just let me know when you're online :p

    This will probably be the last battle i can do till my handheld is charged up again lol
    HEY! Trot!!! :3 I see we're on the same time again, so i'm asking you this for the time being; want to battle me again this morning? I'd like to see you brush up on your skills :p
    Battling you is a lot of fun :D I find it the easiest way for me to communicate with you too xD Its nice we both love pokemon so much!

    I hope they keep wifi on the 3ds/2ds for a long time. I know it'll be over a year from now till i ever get a switch :p
    Yes, first time i beat you in awhile xD You really got good over time! Winning again feels awesome :D
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