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  • Yeno: of course he's gonn drove out the competition! Soul's cooking is legendary!

    Soul: *he blushes a little*
    Oh okay. Well, i may still do the chatou :p hope korrina's there again.

    Yeah it IS pretty funny! XD Thanks! I needed another rival, anyways; i don't have many! Mostly my brother, my Riku plushie, this one transgender friend of mine, and now my Hamtaro plushie XD
    Ohhh wanna battle right now? :eek: remember, its gotta be my y you face :p

    I'm holding a hamtaro plushie right now XD We were dancing to hamtaro music. I...also made him have a crush on korrina <.< Hamtaro, don't cheat on bijou to be my newest korrina rival!!! LOL XD it reminds me of how i gave my pony plushies crushes on riku, laguna, and squall XD its funny to make my plushies like my crushes XD
    Soul: *he chuckles* definitely makes me wanna open up a shop here in town.

    Yeno: You're gonna drive out all the competition!
    Hey don't be down hearted. Keep an open mind. Even poor dream recallers can lucid! stay a fighter, minc.

    Awww *blushie* yeah, i'm pretty awesome :3
    Well if you're interested there's A LOT of forums out there all about lucid dreaming, some i've been a member of. Just a warning, though: If you're dream recall is usually bad, finding dream signs to make you go lucid and stuff will generally be hard.

    I started seriously writing down my dreams as a teenager, though my first dream journal i had when i was 9. It wasn't a writen one, though. I did drawings related to my dreams, instead. And still managed to remember them in full detail years later and record them on dreamjournal.net, which is no longer free to use...but, yes, i am very gifted, aren't i? :p
    Yep. Good dream recall is a talent i've had since i was pretty small. Since about age 7. And, yes, i did used to have lucid dreams for awhile and was pretty into the idea of them too :3 they'd be fun to have again now. I used to do stuff like jump off my deck and climb tall trees in them, lol.
    (Sort of a dirty pun I put in there. And sorry I'm late. Had work and was focusing on a friend who really needs me. But lol that funny!)

    Soul: oh relax...I like to have my own fun every now then...

    Yeno: yeah but...oh well...

    (A thought just came to me...how about some kind of love interest for Fang? To see his reaction of a female being dominant over him and taking action to lick and stuff...that'd be pretty entertaining!)
    Hey Trot! Just wanted to let you know that I probably won't be able to squad in our match until Friday since I have pre-AP finals this week. There's a chance I'll have some time Thursday evening, but I wanted to let you know just in case. Hope we can have a fun match!
    (I even gave you my OC list. Soul is on there even. Lol)

    Soul: *he takes the buns and sets them on the table* Okay! That's 42 buns of perfection!

    Me: Soul...that pun was so bad...

    Yeno: Soul, I don't remember you being so...what's the word? Dirty.
    (Yay! And no he certainly is not! I've referenced him as a boy this entire time. Almost doing so purposely.)

    Soul: *he winks at Marsha*
    (Aw. Ok then. ^^ when will you be back?)

    Soul: well...this one is meant for just Two... *he giggles*

    (Ya know...a couple's cake)
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