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  • (Yay! ^^ while it's on my mind...ink so this is supposed to be Pokemon, but why about creatures that aren't pokmeon? For later in the RP, I mean.)

    *Yeno and I were peeking in as well*

    Soul: They sure are! Umm... Cory, Yeno...you're both drooling...

    Me: hmm? I am?

    Yeno: Y-you know me too well bud...
    Ohhh okay. Well i don't really feel well, anyways, so i may go nap soon^^;; i hope we can battle tomarrow or something xD if you prefer, we could try sun and moon for our next battle. My team on there doesn't have lucario, pikachu, or jirachi on it, but oh well. It could still be fun to use other pokemon that aren't as top faved xD
    (^^ thanks! Cobalt is a nice OC. Heheh.

    And yes. I see...well I say time Skip to about an hour or something. Small scene with the buns and stuff. Possibly...Soul could give out samples in town.)
    Its fine. My childhood honestly kind of bother's me too due to how much i liked stuff like barbies...

    I was snuggling my riku plushie while watching a korrina ep just now :3

    Korrina's so adorable. Her hands are hot too with those gloves on them especially the key stone one <3
    I like pom pom form its cheery and yellow and was the form the first one i caught was^^ and it has zapdos' typing :p which is badass

    12 too? really? funny you wouldn't remember much then...
    I'm guessing you were young when you played gold. I was 12 when i played my crystal, so i remember it pretty clearly due to that xD

    Neat new av. I like the dancing birds too.
    Heeeeey :3

    I may re look at our convo to find my friend code's post so i can put in in my profile. It'll make giving it out to others easier.

    So. What was your first pokemon game? :eek:
    Chestnaut is also a fighting type! HAD to point it out :p yeah, i went with fenniken, tho. love foxes!! honestly all 3 kalos starter lines are kool :)
    Theres no such thing as weird. Weird is just a black and white label people use when they're confused.

    I love delphox really fire and psychic is good typing and i single trained it through most of my awesome y file anyways :)

    And Korrina is cute too :) she's considered 'badass adorable' on tv tropes. And she's so the 'manliest' of all the fighting type leaders, if you ask me :p
    I love meeting other people who are cute pokemon fans so much so reading that put a smile on my face x3

    Most of my favorites are likely cute ones too^^ though i started liking fighting types more due to korrina xD feel like using old fire starters on future game plays due to them evolving to part fighting...
    I wanted to use it, but i'm attached to my comfey named after laguna from ff8 even though i like korrina more than him now also i like that comfey is a flower chain pokemon :)

    Musharna is cute. I like munna more though :) flower motifs^^ i love flowers xD
    Also i keep forgetting to tell you that i love komalla too its a pokemon thats always asleep thus awesome to me as i love dreams :D
    Yeah, its a neat thing. My mom and i are both leos, but i feel she's less typical of one than me :p she doesn't really crave the spotlight as much as i do lol

    I'm pretty sure your pisces and aquarious
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