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  • Hmn, i think your on a cusp...

    i'm a leo. and it suits me, i kinda like being in the spotlight and living fancy and stuff xD
    Its fine i'm tired anyways i'm sure my dreams will give me a good distraction.

    And i still feel like looking at korrina stuff a little she really does help me a lot

    Also, i relised both my new crushes that got me less into riku this year are capricorns o_O yes, i'm so into korrina, i gave her a sign without even knowing her birthday. lol her japanese name is corni...sounds like capricorn. nuff said. and it seems to fit her. (and my other crush under this sign was laguna from final fantasy 8 who's pretty korrina like really and i lost interest in him after getting into korrina lol)

    astrolagy is interesting i may see what sign you are for the fun of it :p
    Well, part of its related to one person acting annoyed by my talking about korrina D: and...my meltdown...over my browser not working....also due to fear that i wouldn't get to look at. guess

    maybe my intrest in her is getting too extreme right now i don't know how to take breaks from things though....not when....all things remind me of them. bah. maybe i'll just go sleep....
    Yeah those meds were killing me glad i need them less now. And that i'm less depressed and down on living in general now too :) anyways...ON TO HAPPY TOPICS! no negative responce, kk? :3

    I like video game music too. Specially x and y music. As you would guess, and you guessed right, korrina's successor battle theme is my favorite tune :)

    Do you like spicy foods? I LOVE THEM and want to get into eating more of them again sometime plus now i'm on less meds so they may bloat me less :3 plus they're...hot xD like sexy crushes are :'3
    Korrina keeps me sane more than my meds now. I sorta wonder if i'm meant to be more into girls than guys now...

    Katy Perry is epic her songs make me think of my crush on korrina lol specially 'last friday night' and of course 'i kissed a girl'
    Yeah she's dangerous and fun hehehe <3 ya gotta love it

    I was listening to music just now xD i like music as well as korrina its a great way to let your feelings out i tend to listen to songs that remind me of her
    Hi there! Pokemon's over :)

    I wanna talk about korrina. What were your feelings on her when you played x and y or saw her in the anime?
    i win! just like korrina would :D

    i lost my nerve with my lucario xD i wanted to name it kori-chan, but ended up going with kori-SAN... :p lololol i really duno why

    i'm gonna go watch pokemon now. see ya! and you did awesome i thought i wasn't gonna beat you :D
    thanks i got you in now :D i'm gonna go back on y and get ready to fight my first geno 6 battle on this forum
    I really like your avatar. Alola raichu is personally my favorite raichu :) it being part psychic...is...win xD and its so cute and cuddly looking. and its tail looks like an awesome surf board. and its just awesome x3
    You...are a very wise person. I'm glad i made friends with you. You're right: I get along with people here, whether we share common interests, or not. And thats really what mlp is all about; being able to be good friends with others, even if your tastes are very different :) *hug*
    Umn...i like rainbow dash...and the episode 'crusaders of the lost mark'.

    But i think i want to be into pokemon more than ponies right now. I don't want to end up going back on pony forums...the people on them have been known to be kinda mean to me. :/ i rather be active on serebii's...i like it here....
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