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  • Ehhh good enouth for me :p

    Umn i duno what to talk about lol i sorta wanna talk ponies with someone, but this forum seems to lack pony fans....i don't want to go on another forum to talk ponies though. I sorta am wary of forums other than this one :/ if i did return to ponyverse, tho...rainbow dash or korrina av lol
    Yep, i know the no swearing thing pushes some people the wrong way but that something both sides can work on together. Plus i quite enjoy when you ref.
    Quite honestly trot, stick around, just spend less time here, ive been on the forums for 5 years and ive taken drops in activity they help out since it provides a break. Plus you're quite well liked in ASB
    (I think now is a good time for a skip. Lol)

    Soul: The buns should be ready in about an hour! Don't forget!

    Yeno: *he just chuckles*
    Soul: I prefer to cook alone or with other chefs that I hire. Can't be giving the recipe to just anyone now, can I? *he pushes two boxes. One labeled "cookbooks" and the other labeled "Soul's Stuff"*

    Yeno: Alright. I'll help you with one of those boxes bud. *he takes the second box, and he and Soul walk towards the mansion*
    Soul: *he raised a brow* you'll get my food soon. Yeno will help me unpack and then I'll cook up some buns!

    Yeno: I don't know if I've seen you so excited to cook them up before...
    Soul: Oh I don't normally work at them. I simply hire only the best chefs. But I do try to come in on some occasions.

    Yeno: how many restaurants do you own again?

    Soul: Oh I stopped keeping track long ago.
    Thanks, Trot.

    As far as I'm aware, Legend Challenges aren't FULL realistic, but they're realistic enough that, say, smashing into a mountain at high speed will break a leg.
    Yeno: *he had finished the entire steak in only a few bites* oh I LOVE steak!

    Me: *chuckles* yeah. I know. That's why I got it.

    Soul: *he chuckles himself* but it wasn't my cooking, so it isn't as good.

    Charizard: Ya know-

    Soul: Char, I know what you're gonna say. I actually think I should open up a restaurant around here.

    Charizard: *he stares at Soul, speechless*
    Yeno: Yup!

    Soul: Don't be away too long. Cuz I'm cooking my world famous cinnamon buns!

    Yeno: really?!

    Soul: *chuckles* just help me unpack first. Kay bud?

    Charizard: Oh ho! On the occasion of making new friends?

    Soul: Yup!

    Me: Oh! I almost forgot... *I take out the large porter house steak from earlier from my satchel, and drop it in front of Yeno*

    Yeno: *he drools quite uncontrollably* PORTERHOUSE STEAK!!! *he had already dug into it*
    Charizard: oh relax. Let's all just get settled in.

    Fang: Thanks bud.

    Charizard: Well...it is true.

    Fang: Not you too! I can become really powerful if you anger me enough!

    Me: *chuckles* I think you just described Aero.

    Yeno: No, Aero just has trouble managing his loss...
    Fang: Well...uhh...

    Me: He looks big and intimidating, and while he can be, he just has a big heart.

    Fang: *he blushed even more* C-Cory...s-stop that!

    Yeno: but it's true! You really are nothing but a big heart!

    Fang: S-stop! Both of you!
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