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  • (lol. It was just yeno's suggestion. Doesn't mean he gets a say)

    Yeno: Well maybe later then.

    Charizard: Yeah. The way things usually work with us, is that you earn your stay. You get what you can through dungeons and hard work. That we you stay sharp and...well...kinda eliminates weaklings that try to sweet talk their way to luxury. You see a gem at a store, ya gotta save up for it. We're like our own guild in a sense. The only exception to this way of living are the kids.

    Fang: Especially little Blitz. Such a cute lil cutie!

    Me: *chuckles* Fang, you're nothing but a big hard core dragon with nothing but a wailord heart on the inside.

    Fang: *he blushes a little*
    Hi Trot,
    Im thinking of taking your OC and since you said any arena would you be ok with this custom one?

    Pastoria Great Marsh
    Battles here take place in a clearing within the depths of the Great Marsh, where the natural elements are at their strongest. The clearing is sizable, providing more than enough room for even the largest of Pokemon to perform complicated maneuvers. The clearing itself sports some trees, each of them being large enough the average sized Pokemon to find suitable cover behind. There is also a sizable pond to be found within the clearing, the water being deep enough to accommodate most Pokemon and fuel moves such as Surf comfortably. However, the ground underfoot is incredibly loose, almost sludge like. Poison Pokemon will have no trouble navigating this terrain, but others will find themselves slightly slowed. In addition, the infirm terrain leaves Ground type moves transmitting poorly, lessening their power somewhat. Despite this, there are plenty rocks within the ground to fuel Rock type attacks. One of the more notable aspects of the Great Marsh is the strange rain which pervades it. This does not proffer the normal benefits of rain - rather, the acidic component will leave Pokemon with slightly reduced concentration, slightly reducing the potency of their Psychic attacks, though it does nothing to affect reactions or attack charging time.
    Soul: my personal issues are nothing you should be concerned about. I don't trust anyone but Yeno with my personal life.

    Yeno: *sighs*
    Me: *chuckles, looking over at the Absol*

    Soul: I've managed several restaurants. I own quite a few, hired marvelous chefs, but even though it's considered five stars...

    Yeno: Soul's cooking is too divine for that low of a rating. I give him more stars than Hollywood!
    Me: *giggles* and we should be in for some really good food. Soul is an excellent cook.

    Soul: *blushes*
    Me: hey, it's okay to play with him. If Crystal gives any trouble, I'll take care of it. I know how to dish out a punishment for her, which is taking away the one she loves more than anyone.

    Yeno: *sighs* I'm so sorry you had to meet Crystal like that...
    Shade: I'm gonna find a room to rest in...

    Aurora: I'll help you with that, Shade.

    Me: Blitz! Come on over you little angel!
    (Yeah. Just to cry again...)

    Me: She's too protective. Too much of a mother hen. I had to take Bliz away from her for a year a while back...it was for however long Shade was in the hospital for. And that was to take effect after finding Blitz. He was missing for an entire year...

    Yeno: that's not important right now.

    Shade: Yeah. Can we not talk about the times that Suicune had used me as a punching bag?
    (I could try. She sometimes goes overkill on the threats... But lol. You just made my evening with that. Even if I'm still tearing up as a result)

    Me: Marsha. Cut it out.

    Crystal: *she looks at shade, and then whines* I'll go find myself a good room then...

    Aurora: Poor Shade...
    (Her threats are like that)

    Crystal: *looks over at me* what?

    Me: do I need to remind you that being Blitz's guardian is privilege?! I let you watch him. I don't want you being a hard core mother hen! I have as much right to take away that privilege from you! In fact, I'll even do the same thing the last time you put poor shade in the hospital for over a year!

    Crystal: *she looks down at the ground, a tear coming from her eye*
    Crystal: Listen, if I catch you doing something to him...I will rip your heart out after your limbs off. I will make you bleed tears and blood will be the only thing you see.

    Me: CRYSTAL!!!
    Yeno: That right there is the bundle of joy called Blitz.

    Crystal: *pulls the Electrike away* back away from him!
    Blitz: *goes to walk up to her, about to touch her gooey body*

    Crystal: Legendary or not. It doesn't matter to me. As long as that Umbreon stays away from Blitz.
    *the three walk up, though one Suicune keeps the Electrike close to her secretly*

    Yeno: umm...

    Me: Don't freak out over them. They aren't really twins for all I know. But they are sisters.
    Me: Shade?! I thought he was supposed to be in charge of Blitz...

    Yeno: Um...

    *Two Suicune and a male Electrike were behind them*
    *Soul and Yeno just stare at her*

    Yeno: Gee...just like I was when-

    Soul: *nudges Yeno* Yeno, be quiet please.

    Me: Yeno isn't exactly like that...he-

    Yeno: I kinda prefer to spend quality time with my family as well as with Soul. Have a spa around here? Or natural hot springs?

    *a male Umbreon had arrived, with a female Espeon helping him walk, as he had quite a few injuries*
    (Ah. I see. Hehe. And yeah. I just like this RP. ^^' I wish we could somehow chat more easily)

    Me: Yeah...

    Yeno: Thanks! I guess...
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