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  • Soul: Name is Soul. And Yeno here, is my BFF.

    Yeno: Soul, you're sound a little clingy right now.

    Soul: I am not.

    Me: Hey you too. Soul, I got you some ingredients for your famous cooking.

    Jake: Yeah, though she won't be here until tomorrow...
    Yeno: ya know...I think you're the first one to not ask me how it all happened...

    *The Absol sticking close to Yeno gives him a small tug* "Yeno, let's just go..."

    Yeno: Soul, please...you don't have to drag me around everywhere.

    Soul: Yes I do! You know me...more than anyone else in the world.

    Jake: well...I'm sure Sylvia would like you. She's a Goodra like you...
    Jake: I never said I didn't like making new friends...

    Yeno: *he just gives a small chuckle* what, this? It's just my cybernetic robo-leg...this is just the result of...an incident that happened a long time ago...
    Yeno: hello Ricky, and yes. I am Yeno. *he sniffs him a little bit*

    Jake: Don't call me cute. But it is always a pleasure to meet new...friends...

    *an Absol had been sticking close to Yeno*
    *the large crate, which was large enough to hold a car, and had large wheels at the bottom for ground transportation, safely landed, the Mew looking back at me*

    Me: *sighs with relief, looking at the Mew* Jake, thank you for making sure my Precious landed safely.

    *the Mew, presumably Jake, answers back* "Of course...no one wants to even see your wrath. You take more pride into this thing than anything else...other than Blitz of course."

    Me: Yeah, speaking of which, where is my little angel?

    Yeno: He's with Yena. They'll get here in a moment, I think Yena saw some ruby necklace on some display or something...

    Salamence: Cory, where do you want us to put this?

    Me: Just in the garage, Fang.
    (Well it's okay. I understand. And always always check for a reply from me. Know what I do? I keep the page available all the time on my phone. Really helps. This is the first chat I check, since it's like, the only RP. Lol

    I see. I hope it's soon. The sooner the better! ^^ don't rush though. Haste makes waste.)
    (And hello again! I'm sorry if the RP seems a little weird right now. Being a mew in secret, it might make "you" wonder. Heh. I'm also sorry if you feel lie I'm taking over the RP a bit. Heh.

    Monday, you missed Mightyena Monday)
    Me: *was just focusing on the mystery cargo, which was being lowered slowly. A Salamence and Aerodactyl carrying the ropes, and a Dragonite under it with his arms. A mew was also making sure the luggage was being lowered safely, using Psychic* Careful now...you don't wanna damage my most prized possession.

    *a Mightyena, who had a cybernetic robo leg in place of his right foreleg, had spoken up* "Cory, just relax. You know they have it under control..."
    Me: *darts to the front gates, where there's several other Pokemon, along with some sort of large trailer for transporting cargo* Yeno! I didn't think you guys would be here today!
    (Ah. I see. Heh.)

    Me: *quickly rushes outside, causing a breeze as I go by* I thought they weren't gonna be here till tomorrow!
    Kaiko: He hurries up to the ceremony grounds at the top of the village to find Kahuna Hala and Akamu speaking.

    Akamu: "... Since Kaiko is of age now, he really wants to start his island challenge. He even made a new friend who is of age as well, who might want to take the challenge too."

    Hala: He notices Kaiko approaching and smiles. "And so you want him and his friend to begin tomorrow?"

    Akamu: "Yes, Cousin." He nods and returns a smile.

    Kaiko: "Yeah! I want to battle Sallie so I can start my island challenge!" He suddenly interjects.

    Akamu: "Kaiko?" He turns and looks at his young friend. "When did you get here?"

    Kaiko: "Haha! Just now, actually." He smiles at Akamu.

    Hala: "So her name is Sallie? Perhaps if I meet her tonight, I can make sure everything is prepared for tomorrow evening. Are you up to bringing her here, Kaiko?" He smiles more, glad to see the pure excitement in Kaiko's eyes.

    Kaiko: "Yeah! I sure am, cousin! I'll be baaack!" He suddenly turns around and dashes off.

    Koshy: "Rock Ruff!" The Rockruff barks, chasing his trainer off.

    Akamu: "Always on the move, he is..." he says, feeling a little worry for his friend. "His brashness might make things difficult for himself on his journey. I hope it won't cause him any problems..."

    Hala: "You should know well that he will grow and learn. I know he is a good person at heart, and his love for Pokémon will get him through anything."

    Akamu: "You always have a way of easing concerns..." he smiles at Hala. "You're right, though. He is capable of overcoming anything, if he puts his heart to it."


    As Kaiko makes his way out of the town, he follows the path down to the outskirts of Hau'oli City.

    Kaiko: "Sallie lives this way, right...?" He slows to a walk. "Now which house is her's..."

    Koshy: He slows as well and sniffs the ground.
    Kórvem: He wakes back up moments later, floating on the surface of the cold ocean. As he comes to, he quickly remembers what happened only a minute before. 'Zephraxe...' his fatigue would have normally kept him down, but his adrenaline kicks in, knowing he needs to find his friend. He floats up and begins searching for Zephraxe, his own heart pounding in fear of what might have happened already...

    After a few minutes, which felt like hours to the Latios, he sees Zeph's bag floating on the surface, along with its owner. He quickly dives under his friend and lifts him out of the water on his back. "Please be okay..." He races towards the shore with his remaining energy and gently sets the human onto the sand, removing the bag, so he can lay him on his back. He gets low and presses his ear on Zeph's chest to listen for a heart beat.

    Zephraxe: He suddenly coughs up some water as he comes to, but only for a brief moment. He feels soft sand beneath him, and sees his beloved partner floating over him. "K-Kórvem..." he mumbles wearily, reaching up to his friend. His arm drops and he passes back out.

    Kórvem: Glad that his friend is alive and safe, his fatigue overtakes him, and he collapses onto the sand next to Zephraxe, fading into unconsciousness.


    Kaiko: He soon finishes showering and gets dressed for the night, wearing comfy light red shorts and a dark grey tank top. He hurries back out the door after getting his sandals on, yelling to his parents that he'll be back soon. Koshy follows him closely.
    (Most likely. :3)

    Kórvem: He shakes his head as he floats up and out of the water, his vision hazy. He sees something moving at him again from the corner of his eye and he quickly uses Protect, forming a barrier around him, defending himself from a powerful Giga Impact. He swings around after his barrier dissipates and fires back at the dark form with a Dragon Pulse, which misses due to his blurred vision. He is then struck by a Flash Cannon sending him into the water below. "I'm not going to end like this..." he thinks as he resurfaces with much struggle, preparing a Draco Meteor as he launches himself at the being with his remaining energy. With all his might, he unleashes the attack at almost point blank, sending his foe into the water as well as himself in a large explosion of energy.


    Kaiko: After finishing up his dinner, he heads to his bathroom and showers, thinking about how exciting it will be doing the island challenge finally. 'I'm so hyped!' He thinks. 'Koshy and I will beat all of the captains and Kahunas! No one will beat us!' He fist pumps, getting almost too excited. "Hehehe!" He giggles aloud. 'We'll be the strongest team in Alola... We'll even be stronger than Akamu...' he takes a deep breath. 'Hopefully the Kahuna will let Sallie and I battle tomorrow, so we can start our journey.'
    (Yes they are. :3 The next scene is gonna be a little intense.)

    Kaiko: He quickly finishes eating his food and checks around to make sure his parents don't see him feed a few scraps from his plate to Koshy. "Here you go, Koshy. You deserve it." He smiles at his canine pal.

    Koshy: He puts his paws up in excitement as Kaiko hands him food and gladly eats it out of kaiko's hand. "Ruff!"


    Kórvem: "Zephraxe, look there. Something is up here with us." He says, pointing out the black form to Zeph.

    Zephraxe: "Huh?" He follows Kórvem's gaze and sees the angular shape in the distance, but suddenly realizes it's approaching, and at high speed. "Kórvem!" He shouts, sensing potential danger.

    Kórvem: He tries to bank to the right to avoid colliding with whatever is approaching them, but cannot avoid the following burst of lights, rainbow beams shooting off in a controlled burst at them. "Zeph!" Is all he can manage before the force of the attack rips his trainer from his back.

    Zephraxe: "Ahh!" The only thing he sees is a huge burst of light, painfully blasting him down to the dark ocean, before he hits the surface of the cold water and everything goes dark.

    Kórvem: He tries to regain his balance but ends up crashing down to the water with his trainer. He couldn't care less about the attack, though, his only concern is for Zephraxe's safety. He hits the water as well, almost knocking him out.
    (Yeah, life has been busier of late. My part time job takes up a fair bit of my free time.)

    Kaiko: He takes a seat at the table where his mom put his food and quickly begins devouring his food. "Thanks mom!" He says through his chewing.

    Kaiko's mom: She returns a "Thanks!" from elsewhere in the house, followed by "Mind your manners, dear!"

    Kaiko: He smiles to himself, enjoying being just a little rebellious.

    Koshy: He hops up into the seat next to Kaiko and sits there, hoping he gets a bit of Kaiko's food.


    Meanwhile, in the sky off the coast of Melemele Island, an older trainer and his best friend make their way to Hau'oli city, after deciding a new region would provide much more entertainment than the ship they were on.

    Zephraxe: "We're getting close, Kór." He says, glad to be off the luxury cruise ship.

    Kórvem: "Indeed." the Latios speaks via telepathy, carrying his trainer on his back.

    Zephraxe: "I've always wanted to go to Alola... I'm sure you'll like it here. Perfect weather for you, all year round." He says, readjusting his grip on the riding gear the larger than average Latios is wearing.

    Kórvem: "That does sound quite nice." He comments, though something else is of interest to him. He is unsure, but he thinks he sees a black form off in the distance, floating in place...
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