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    Me: There's Bolt and Scorch. Jolteon and Flareon besties. I've never really seen them fight unless it's a friendly battle. Sapphire the Vaporeon...she's kinda short tempered...and a little harsh. Light the Espeon and Shade the Umbreon...a fairly old couple...then there's Emerald and Angel, a young Leafeon and Glaceon couple who've adopted an Eevee named Illia.
    Me: I don't blame him actually...he's become more focused on training and such...there's also Ivy. She's a Virzion, though she's quite shy...
    Me: really? Well I know a Mew. His name is Jake...but just...don't try to make friends with him. Ever since his best friend was lost during some recon mission...he hasn't been acting like himself.
    Me: well...I don't wanna explain how... *looks at myself. Legendary Pokemon talking to another legendary would mean I was* she eventually grew infatuated with lil Blitz...but what does that have to do with my wealth?
    Me: Well...I know a some Eeveelutions, couple Mightyena, two Suicune sisters...there's plenty more...
    Me: not really. Just a book with tons of recipes. I like things most people don't. Chocolate flapjacks and steak. There's also choco-steak, which is basically a attack covered in chocolate.
    Me: Even if there's no room service, I know how to cook a breakfast, I think... *i jump, backfilling and landing on all fours. I still wore a lot of the stuff I had bought earlier, especially the collar*
    Kaiko: He awakes to feeling himself being shaken lightly. "Hnn..." he shifts a bit, getting more comfortable.

    Kaiko's mom: "Wake up, sweetie..." She says softly. "I reheated some dinner for you, if you're hungry." She smiles at him as his eyes open.

    Kaiko: "Thank you, mom..." He smiles back, then begins to stretch his arms and legs as he yawns.

    Kaiko's mom: "Dad and I will be out back." She smiles still, then walks out to the backyard.

    Kaiko: "Okay..." He says, still tired as he sits up. He smells and feels the salt of the sea on him. 'I'm gonna need to take a shower...' he thinks, but food is more important to him, so he gets up and follows the smell of his dinner at the table.

    Koshy: "Ruff!" He barks and hops off the chair he was sitting in. The Rockruff trots after Kaiko, hoping his trainer will share some of his dinner with him.
    Yeah! It's always nice to relax a little. :3

    I'll think of the next thing I'll post in the meantime.
    Huh... Well I hope you won't have to be so busy soon! Doing too much stuff can be stressful.

    How about you do a personal scene Sallie? I think I might do one too for Kaiko.
    a youtuber named lucahjin
    she caught a mareep on a blind playthrough of heart gold
    named it peeram
    thats where mr.no arms comes from too
    and the name of my audino
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