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  • Yeah, got no school projects up for a while, so I'm glad those tiring, boring projects are gone, haha!

    Well well, I'm not too fond of Pokémon RPs for now, but why am I not fond of the genres? I don't hate it! Sure, I ain't a Sci-Fi or Fantasy guy, but it doesn't sound terrible. I would like to give it a shot!
    Indeed! Hopefully you're doing well!

    It's quite a long while I've done roleplays here, but just anything is what I'm decent into, not a specific subject. What about you?
    Hey! How are you doing? Happy, Late, New Year!

    So, I wanted to ask you something. I saw on someone's page you do Role Plays, so I was wondering if you perhaps want to do one with me as well? Sorry for seeing it though, I replied to a VM and saw it, so my bad!
    Kaiko: He enters through the front of his home and drags his feet to the sofa in the living, collapsing on the soft and fluffy surface. "Oof!"

    Koshy: The Rockruff hops onto another chair in the room and curls up.

    Mrs. Makala: "Welcome home, Kaiko!" She calls from another room. "Make sure you get washed up before dinner!"

    Kaiko: "Hi, got it." He calls back, but it's mostly muffled by the pillow his face is planted in. 'Too tired to move...' he thinks as he drifts off to sleep.
    (oh, okay then. Hehe)

    Me: Bodyguard? I'm an idea candidate for that, though I like doing my own stuff too.
    Sorry for the long delay with the RP. I haven't been very active, but we can get back to the RP if you want to. ^^
    Me: I'm just here to buy it. The whole package and whatever else I can get. But yes, maybe a question or two...

    Me: I'd say the biggest one. That IS what I'm going for, after all! *smiles, munching on a peanut butter cup*
    (I guess...it would give me the excuse for Soul's ingredients being picked up. No one knows what he uses or how he cooks. Yeno is the only one and can figure out what Soul uses...so sure! ^^ hehe. Though doing it makes the RP last longer and even more fun. Lol)

    *couple hours later...*
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