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  • (Yup!

    I understand time skips. I do them mainly to skip through a night and stuff like that. But yeah. ^^)

    Me: okay then! Just stay away from my Oran Berries and Sitrus Berries! I'm also buying ingredients for Soul. He's an excellent cook!
    (I really and laughing out loud now!!!)

    Me: all he had to do was just ask nicely. I got a surplus of gold. *mumbles* Even though we have a gold generator... So...I'm gonna shop for some food.
    (It doesn't matter. Hehe)

    Me: okay then. And don't worry. I'm more than your average Mightyena. Rockruff? *i look confused, but look at Ricky* ahh...Hoenn...makes me think of a song...now...if you want...actually no. Not with your brother around.
    (Ehh. They'd have to fly. Lol.)

    Me: *i stare at the 2 siblings, then at the phone* Lycan...roc? What's that? Memes? Why'd you try to rob them?
    (Hehe. I'm thinking of stuff myself. But it's hard to come up with an interesting idea...hmm...unless you find two brainless Pokemon that had bad brain development from getting drunk and bugging me interesting. Dunno what those Pokemon would be. Lol)

    Me: hey hey what's going guys? *quickly dashed towards them*
    (Okay. That's funny)

    Me: hmm? *I look over in their direction, deciding to have a look* what's that Pokemon?
    Me: I gotta get me some Oran Berries and Sitrus Berries. Be back in a while! *i leave the store, dashing out happily*
    Me: alright! Thanks! You can bet I have plenty of gold! I'm gonna go out and see what else there is around here! Perhaps some food and ingredients for Soul to do some cooking...or possibly some fuel for my Precious...
    (Okay then. Night! ^^)

    Me: I'm just looking for some fancy carpet for my new mansion that I'm gonna buy. I'm really wanting something that black with red and gold designs on it. Like royalty!
    Me: *giggles, and then sighs* whew...they have a lot of energy. *I go into Rolanda's Rugs and Tailorings*
    Me: okay then! Don't be afraid to do some shopping of you're own though, here. *i drop a couple of gold bars, one for each of them* can't have you two staying in rooms that are bare of decor. We'll meet up at the fountain.
    Me: well I AM buying the largest and best Castle, right? So every one can stay! *just murrs in pleasure as my back was scratched by collar*
    Me: *just sighs in happiness* I've been trying to my paws one for a couple years, but every time...they were out. They only come out with one every several months I think... *I start nuzzling the collar* my precious luxury collar... *it takes out a back scratcher*
    Me: hmm? *I look over at them* oh hey guys! *quickly runs up to them* how do you like my new treasures I just bought!
    (Dang. I fell asleep when I meant to sneak in one more reply. That's what happens when you stay up past midnight few nights in a row)

    Me: *just giggles* thanks! *leaves the store, dropping some extra cash as a tip*
    Me: thanks! But I said Rugs! Carpet and stuff. I'd personally say red, black, and gold. I don't need a mug.
    Me: *my tongue just lolls out* yes...after so long...I finally have the ultimate collar! Boy will Yeno be jealous...and Jake will literally turn green! Got any Royal-like rugs? I'll be purchasing the largest and best mansion today. *I wore the first accessories that I had found, the rest going into my small satchel, only I couldn't fit it*
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