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  • That's kind of dumb to me since it doesn't happen like that all the time in the Anime according to Bulbapedia. I'll order once I get a respond from Trainer and Referee Q/A regarding Substitute charge time since it's not really clear in the move description.
    Distance was the only reason, the wording isnt the best interrupted them as striking near simultaneously. Also i cancelled your match with Talksick
    I've been all right. Enjoying my summer, figuring out what I'm going to do with my life. Playing lots of Pokémon GO. ;P

    There's a question I have to ask! I'll shoot you a PM real quick.
    Ill double check the entering creek, i think i mentioned Faecast following Echo into the water. Ill do a Q&A for ominous wind. :)
    Oh, I have seen some referee ref "riding the surf" as default so I thought I should ask, cause the orders depend on whether Echo is inside or outside the water.
    Nah it's fine. Got through week 1 of the competition with hopefully some medals for my team.

    You love a good work less Saturday! I tend to wake up in the afternoon. Though I don't have a job, so... Though I kinda sorta need to get one. -_-
    The laptop should arrive at the repair depot tomorrow afternoon. The repair itself shouldn't take too long, since it only needs a replacement fan and heatsink.

    The Mario competition is only in its 3rd day on the first of four weeks but hopefully my submissions so far can earn me a (virtual) medal or two.

    We all have those weeks... Just gotta power on through! Though I hope you get better nights sleep soon...!
    Things are going pretty well actually! Finally have an update on my laptop being sent for repairs and I'm well into a Mario series competition hosted by a Let's Player.

    How bout you?
    read right over it and didnt even notice draining kiss will edit acordingly.

    accuracy was only due to the fact you are in a cave and a bright light would affect anything but yea i agree i should have mentioned it
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