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  • Hey by critical do you mean actually critical for Mawill's health? The way I added it up he was just into his final third.
    [Ash's Sceptile always had some kind of twig in its mouth, dating back to its time as a Treecko. Do you think it was intended to be a cigarette, but was changed to avoid offending Western audiences? That's some theory. It would been a dramatic character changer for Ash's Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile.]
    Pokkén Tournament, definitely. That's it, though. I already got The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD as an early gift.
    That's good to hear. I'm just looking forward to my birthday, which is also the beginning of my Spring Break.
    Indeed, it has! My activity here has been slacking, but I'll be on and off until I feel like getting on more again. So, how have you been?
    Well, sparse population is good. Ask someone like Mozz or someone who is here for a long time or is an Elite if they remember me? I can bet they don't. They probably don't even bother to, or maybe don't even want to.

    The first person I spoke to on FB was the mod, enchantress and she was really nice, like, helpful and all.

    What sort of rules are you talking about, if I may ask?
    No? I just registered today and answered my Test. The only reason I signed up is because it is quick paced. I got my question paper moments after registering. And, I'm going to get my result within a few hours too.

    Why are you not interested?
    Well, Ice indeed is good. I find most of the Ice type Pokemon beautiful. Lapras as such.

    Yea, well, and hope that Solrock and Lunatone has nothing to do with it. Why embarrassed?
    Yea, exactly.

    Well, I'm partly sure. I have forgotten how a few things work. And, I do not remember my trainer level and things like those. It's a bit too much to return to.
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