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  • Well everything's difficult out there there's no short cut and giving up isn't going to help this era!

    Well I really liked X&Y and I think its incomplete and they're moving on so quick.
    It could go in many directions. They said a lot about "simplifying" and I really hope that doesn't mean the removal of game features or anything. I really want character customization back, as well as over world Pokemon in 3d. That would be awesome. Also just a higher quality over world in general. I also would like to see better battlefields with the trainers and Pokemon size-accurate, like in Colosseum and XD. TBH I kinda wanted a Colosseum or XD remake/sequel more than a new game. But IDK. I would also like to be able to explore more regions and have a more exciting battle facility, one that doesn't generate teams just to f*** you up. And a darker, more involved storyline would be cooler. They've made the recent games too easy. I managed to beat AS in like 3 days. It took me weeks to beat Platinum, which I just replayed recently. Honestly I want a more challenging game. Maybe give us gameplay difficulties or something.
    Thanks. I'm upset and frustrated, but I'm mostly leaving ASB because its good for me. I'll still hang around UPN and SPPf though.
    Yeah, no worries. I understand. No issue changing the wording given that it doesnt affect the outcome.
    We can address these type of things via VM. Fixed, and apologies for the lack of tact. Feel free to remove your post?
    You caught me red handed, Kitaro and Ichiro are based on two of the brothers.

    It's quite the odd show I believe you'll find the first episode interesting, some sites apparently have taken it down but I still see it on kissanime.
    It's called Osomatsu-san its an anime about the life of sextuplets, the show is full of gag skits, and I got hooked on it pretty quickly..probably a bit too hooked haha ^^'
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