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  • You're a legend dude. Truly a well-known member. I miss trading and need to get my ds. back. Come back and bless the site again.
    was at work that time sorry about that I be able to trade today however i can trade either wensday or friday of next week at any time just let me know what time you be online and i will be online.
    tbh its been so long i forgot i got a link though what you did offer however what days can you trade and what times? I can choose from those times that be good for me :)
    I transferred over cupcake to my ultra sun which you can just transfer over what you offered :) I will not be breeding anymore on oras since move tutors are on 7th gen now
    I am just gunna transfer cupcake over seems like you got busy again whenever we catch each other online we can trade :)
    anyway seems you must of got busy once again no worries if you don't mind can I transfer your swirlix to my ultra sun? i can add the move tutor after we evolve cupcake on my ultra sun since move tutors are in that game now so don't need to breed anymore in my oras. it be easier for me since im gunna be going back to blacephalon shiny hunting again with charm odds now...
    :/ I missed you again then? unless you be on later today? I try around 7 to 8 pm im guessing my time hopefully i get it right otherwise we just have to figure out another day then however i might be later then that time because I forgot were having dinner around that time so if it comes to worse it might be after 9pm my time
    if you are available on new years day just message me back the next time you log on and tell me what time you should be back and i will try to get on...I am off from work today as well XD
    alrighty i can trade on either new years or new years day if you want I am off from work that day just let me know what time you available if not then i can trade another day i just got to figure out my off days...
    its fine i will set up a date soon i am about to take a break from this shiny hunt i still haven't even found this ultra beast exclusive yet filling up my dex for the charm XD...I got to check out my work schedules and etc and i will get back with you and sorry about missing you alot just been really busy around the holidays...
    its fine and yes i do have the little gal in my oras game ^_^ i am in the middle of a shiny hunt atm on my ultra sun so not sure when i be able to trade I am slightly behind on stuff in both of my shops atm
    letting you know i still have cupcake just let me know what times you are available to pick it up ^_^
    hey there just letting you know i still have your cupcake XD as well as I am still mming this mimikyu -_- it refuses to shine however i could utrn the game off and switch games if you like to trade on oras...its up to you :)

    edit: nvm seems you loogged off after i posted XD maybe another time ;)
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