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  • thanks i got a new 2ds xl which i did the call today all i need to do is wait 24 to 48 hours for it to transfer then i can place my sd card in there to see if its data is still there and i should be good to go to check my game data on my moon version to see if its still okay...my oras though is alright wasn't in the system at the time so your request should be alright...
    well even more bad news sorry for the wait my 3ds got killed in a storm with water damaged so it may be a bit before i get it back and running again...
    hey true unfortunately be a hard time for me to trade for the next few weeks since I will be taking a trip to another state for a anime convention but I be able to trade when I get back...
    Hmm, then I wouldn't trust it. HP spreads are very hard to get, and the chances that it would also be Shiny is miniscule. On top of coming from the GTS, it is likely hacked. Releasing is the best option, but at the very least do not trade it around.
    It came from Kalos but it doesn't have a pentagon?? Then it's definitely hacked. All Kalos Pokemon must have the pentagon.
    You also didn't tell me if it was Shiny or not.
    Alright but keep in mind if you get a shiny with a good nature but with bonker iv's then it's legit but if it's prefect go to the hack check.
    I'd say it's a 50/50 chance on both sides because

    1.Why want something off the gts when they can gen?

    2.It could be a shiny breedject that's rare but is possible to come by.

    So if i were you just rebreed it to get a newborn with everything on it & release the shiny afterwards or keep the shiny but be weary of it especially if someone wants one and wants to know if it's legit.
    Hm hm level 1 & 31-30-31-30-31-30 Timid HA With EMs Cotton Spore L.Storm S.Powder Spikes
    Phew it could be hacked but then again it might not be because i got a shiny smeargle off the gts not too long with jolly nature & almost prefect iv's aside from it's speed...okay last check who's the original trainer?
    Dang another flawless one...dude make sure you ask if these mons are legit because it's too incredible for these mon's to have 6iv's unless they were breaded but even in gen 4 the odd's in hatching a shiny with prefect iv's are like around 1 in 1000 or higher even with the masuda method so just be careful kay?
    Hmmmm mind trading it for a gen 3 shiny rayquaza?I can also clone the garchomp if you still want it & will return the original back to you.
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