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  • Actually, with everything that has changed, progression is much easier! We have fixed a lot of the nuances, and everything should be concrete and clear. The only limiting factor at this point is the imagination of the trainer.
    In the Morph Legends thing, your character activates the GS ball in a shrine for Celebi. My character is the Morph of Celebi. Were you planning on having some sort of connection?
    Yo, I already made a character weeks ago, LOL. I was asking if you required other types of characters, which you essentially answered for me by starting the RP.
    I was just saying that you could un-reserve my Gijinka spot. The game looks like loads of fun and really cool, but I don't think I'm going to have the time to put into it. Sorry :<
    Alright, gimmie a minute and I'll edit. Sorry, guess I misread that part. >_> Er, so the soldiers are just killing absolutely everyone? How come?
    Oh alright then.

    Btw, nice Blue/Gary avatar. Truly he is the best rival of all time.
    The Seer has their primary ability of being able to see the past, present and future and their reflection should in some way show how it has driven them to be... somewhat mad at least. Also, still no on the sword and no on the flaming winged serpent as that is not part of his powers. You have by today to make the changes or I'll reject the character.
    Who (whom is only used as an object, when someone does something to that person, or in relation to that person, as in "with" or "away from")...
    XD I actually did put down "who", but I quickly went back to change it because from what I've figured out, "whom" is used when talking about someone who's not in the same vicinity as you when you bring them up in a conversation. It's probably wrong anyway, lol.

    Meanwhile, I don't know who Purple Eyes is since I never played the Ranger games, so... xD yeah.
    Hey gurl hey! Sad about the RP, but not totally unexpected.

    Even though this is dangerously Close to becoming a running gag, i'd love to see if you could try and re-open it anew, With a few modifications to the OP.
    It is a really cool concept, and it'd be a shame to see it go to Waste, especially when you've put so much effort in to it.. several times. lol
    I was asking if it was one of the type sets I mentioned

    Starter types being: Water, Fire, Grass

    Mineral types being: Rock, Ground, Steel.

    to avoid it seeming like a double question I want to clarify I was asking if it was either of the two sets not what set the pokemon in question may belong to.
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